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Mariel Zagunis Blog: Commemorating This Day In London 2012

07/27/2013, 2:00pm CDT
By Mariel Zagunis

July 27, 2013 will be a day filled with irony as I travel across the world from Portland to Poland through four different airports, wearing sweats and little makeup, accompanied solely by my coach and one teammate. Throughout this day I will walk passed and among thousands of people, all of whom have their own stories, destinations and agendas, and to all of whom my face and credentials will remain completely anonymous. If you are wondering to yourself who I am and why that puts me in an ironic situation, then I have just proven my point.

One year ago today, billions of people around the world watched in anticipation as the Opening Ceremony to the London Olympic Games began. London had a lot to prove as the host to the biggest and most popular sporting event in the world, especially if we look back on what China was able to pull off in 2008. Just about 48 hours before the Opening Ceremony was scheduled to begin, I received some life-changing news... more>

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