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Team USA Wins 52 Medals at Pan Am Youth and Veteran Championships

08/18/2015, 1:30am CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

Four-time Pan Am Vet Champion Anne-Marie Walters celebrated her first title with girls from a local secondary school. Photo Credit Cecilia de Cossio Andrade

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) - The U.S. delegation dominated the Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships in Lima Peru with 44 athletes winning 52 medals, including 21 golds, over the course of five days.  

A five-time Veteran World medalist, 61-year-old Anne-Marie Walters (Parkland, Fla.) led Team USA with four gold medals. Not only did Walters win her age group gold medal in Veteran 2 (60+) women's foil, but she also fenced down two age groups, taking titles in the Preveteran (40-49) and Veteran 1 (50-59) foil events as well. Although Walters is still new to fencing epee, she claimed the Veteran 2 epee title to remain undefeated throughout the week. 

Fifty-nine-year-old Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.) also swept an entire weapon, taking three gold medals in the Preveteran, Veteran 1 and Veteran 2 women's saber events. A three-weapon fencer, Berardi took home bronzes in Veteran 1 women's epee and foil and silver behind Walters in Veteran 2 women's epee. 

Several families competed with both parents and children fencing at the Pan Am Youth and Veteran Championships with the Vidovszky family bringing home three gold medals as father Tamas Vidovszky (Folsom, Calif.) won gold in both Preveteran and Veteran 1 men's saber and son Robert Vidovszky (Folsom, Calif.) winning the Youth B (Y14) men's saber title. 

Team USA swept the podium in four veteran events. 

Berardi led the way in women's saber with the Americans winning all of the medals in the Preveteran and Veteran 1 events. Berardi won both golds with Kelly Dewsnup (Provo, Utah) winning silver and Rachel El Saleh (Houston, Texas) and Monica Tasker (Weston, Mass.) taking bronze in the Preveteran competition. In the Veteran 1 event, Berardi and Tasker won gold and silver with Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.) taking bronze. 

In addition to winning the Veteran 2 women's epee title, Walters led an American sweep in the event where she defeated Berardi in the gold medal final as Karen Brynildsen (Denville, N.J.) and Rachel El Saleh (Houston, Texas) each won bronze. 

Tamas Vidovszky's Veteran 1 men's saber title was just one of four U.S. medals won in the event as his teammate Keith Baker (McLean, Va.) won silver and the duo of Ray Blair (Naples, Fla.) and Richard Brown (Watchung, N.J.) brought home bronze. 

In the youth events, Robert Vidovszky was just one of xx U.S. fencers who were crowned Pan Am Youth Champions. 

Thirteen-year-old Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.) reached the podium twice in Peru with a gold medal in Youth B women's foil and a bronze in the Youth B women's epee competition. 

Eleven-year-old Lucas Lutar (Brewster, N.Y.), a two-time gold medalist on the Super Youth Circuit, won his first international title with his victory in the Youth B men's foil event. 

Another 11-year-old, Natalie Cashman (Prairie Village, Kans.), had the honor of winning the first medal of the event for Team USA when she claimed gold in the Youth B women's saber competition. 

In the Youth A (Y10) events, U.S. fencers won gold medals in three of six events. 

Logan Gatza (Sanford, Fla.), a 10-year-old modern pentathlete, took the Youth A men's epee title while nine-year-old Ian Greenbaum (Atlanta, Ga.) won gold in men's saber. 

Although she was one of just two U.S. fencers to compete in the women's Youth A events, 9-year-old Yasmine Khamis (McKinney, Texas) won the epee title to conclude a season in which she has claimed five medals on the SYC circuit.

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Top eight and U.S. results are as follows:

Preveteran Men’s Epee
1. Carlos Covani (ARG)
2. Beta Suveg (CAN)
3. Roberto Lazzarini (BRA)
3. Martin panizo (PER)
5. Creston Bailey (Escondido, Calif.)
6. Eduardo Tejada (PER)
7. Martin Pastor (PER)
8. Paul Canales (PER)

Preveteran Men’s Foil
1. Greer McMullen (Atlanta, Ga.)
2. Steve Gross (Fairfax, Va.)

3. Carlos Covani (ARG)
3. Jonathan Harmon (Milton, Ga.)
5. Roberto Lazzarini (BRA)
6. Rolando Balboa (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
7. Martin Panizo (PER)
8. Jose Pineda (VEN)

9. Tamas Vidovszky (Folsom, Calif.)
12. Ray Blair (Naples, Fla.)

Preveteran Men’s Saber
1. Tamas Vidovsky (Folsom, Calif.)

2. Paulo Teixeira (BRA)
3. Juan Changanaqui (PER)
3. Vincent Paragano (Bernardsville, N.J.)
5. Andres Plascencia (Per0
6. Jose Castro (PER)
7. Washington Torres (PER)
8. Fernando Mello (BRA)

Preveteran Women’s Epee
1. Caterin Bravo (CHI)
2. Claudine Barjak-Velez (San Antonio, Texas)
3. Michele Chimienti (Temple City, Calif.)

3. Maria Laura Lede (ARG)
5. Monisha Tasker (Weston, Mass.)
6. Amalia Fernandez (BOL)

Preveteran Women’s Foil
1. Anne-Marie Walters (Parkland, Fla.)
2. Pamela Dressel (Mount Airy, Md.)

3. Maria Lede (ARG)
3. Carmen Morote (PER)
5. Denise Franca (BRA)
6. Monisha Tasker (Weston, Mass.)
7. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)
8. Kathleen Hermes (Guilford, Conn.)

Preveteran Women’s Saber
1. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
2. Kelly Dewsnup (Provo, Utah)
3. Rachel Elsaleh (Houston, Texas)
3. Monica Tasker (Weston, Mass.)

5. Tatiana Kokemper (BRA)
6. Lidia Castro (PER)

Veteran 1 Men’s Epee
1. Bela Suveg (CAN)
2. Timothy Gillham (Madison, Wis.)
3. Fernando Mello (BRA)
3. Guillermo Orsi (ARG)
5. Daniel Mendez (PER)

Veteran 1 Men’s Saber
1. Tamas Vidovsky (Folsom, Calif.)
2. Keith Baker (McLean, Va.)
3. Ray Blair (Naples, Fla.)
3. Richard Brown (Watchung, N.J.)

5. Juan Changanaqui (PER)
6. Vincent Paragano (Bernardsville, N.J.)
7. Fernando Mello (BRA)
8. Cesar Rivasplata (PER)

Veteran 1 Women’s Epee
1. Rosana Lacarra (Carlsbad, Calif.)
2. Patricia Bocangel (PER)
3. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. Monisha Tasker (Weston, Mass.)

5. Lino Fara (PER)
6. Rachel El Saleh (Houston, Texas)

Veteran 1 Women’s Foil
1. Anne-Marie Walters (Parkland, Fla.)
2. Nora Gutkovskaya (Fair Lawn, N.J.)
3. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)

3. Patricia Bocangel (PER)
5. Lynette Whitt (Owings, Md.)
6. Monisha Tasker (Weston, Mass.)
7. Kathleen Hermes (Guilford, Conn.)
8. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)

Veteran 1 Women’s Saber
1. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
2. Monisha Tasker (Weston, Mass.)
3. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)

Veteran 2 Men’s Epee
1. Charles Alexander (Escondido, Calif.)

2. Ricardo Leon (PER)
3. Jhony Alarcon (PER)
3. Percy Born (CHI)

Veteran 2 Men’s Foil
1. Alan Buchwald (Aptos, Calif.)

2. Ricardo Leon (PER)
3. Jhony Alarcon (PER)
3. Ron Daugherty (St. Louis, Mo.)

Veteran 2 Men’s Saber                           
1. Keith Baker (McLean, Va.)

2. Ricardo Leon (PER)
3. Richard Brown (Watchung, N.J.)
3. William Carson (Fort Collins, Colo.)

6. Jorge Osambele (PER)
7. Luis Tudela (PER)

Veteran 2 Women’s Epee
1. Anne-Marie Walters (Parkland, Fla.)
2. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. Karen Brynildsen (Denville, N.J.)
3. Rachel El Saleh (Houston, Texas)

Veteran 2 Women’s Foil
1. Anne-Marie Walters (Parkland, Fla.)
2. Nora Gutkovskaya (Fair Lawn, N.J.)

3. Carmen Morote (PER)
3. Lynette Whitt (Owings, Md.)
6. Lidia Castro (PER)
6. Ana Maria Guevara (PER)
7. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
8. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas)

Veteran 2 Women’s Saber
1. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
2. Karen Brynildsen (Denville, N.J.)

3. Lidia Castro (PER)
3. Rachel El Saleh (Houston, Texas)

Youth B Men’s Epee
1. Joaquin Bustos (CHI)
2. Tarcisio Mendes (BRA)
3. Cesar Colon (PUR)
3. Felipe Scaccabarrozzi (PER)
5. Matias Shion (PER)
6. Alejandro Narro (PER)
7. Guilherme Murray (BRA)
8. Felipe Santibanez (CHI)

12. Ethan Kushernik (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Youth B Men’s Foil
1. Lucas Lutar (Brewster, N.Y.)

2. Felipe Scaccabarrozzi (PER)
3. Ignasio D’Acuna (CHI)
3. Christopher Davis (Harleysville, Pa.)
5. Leopoldo Alarcon (CHI)
6. Guido Menendez (ARG)
7. Cesar Colon (PUR)
8. Giovanni Franca (BRA)

Youth B Men’s Saber
1. Robert Vidovszky (Folsom, Calif.)
2. Sachin Mehta (Golden, Colo.)

3. Fernando Gonzales (CHI)
3. Maxwell Greenbaum (Atlanta, Ga.)
5. Leighton Priest (Pontiac, Mich.)

6. Emiliano Barra (CHI)
7. Gabriel Gerardo (VEN)
8. Pedro Brecheret (BRA)

Youth B Women’s Epee
1. Gabriela Vivero (PAR)
2. Maria Villacorta (PER)
3. Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.)
3. Jeanne Zambrano (ECU)
5. Karina Dyner (CRC)
6. Andrea Vivero (PAR)
7. Alessia Huallpa (PER)
8. Maria Soto (CHI)

Youth B Women’s Foil
1. Amanda Pirkowski (Longwood, Fla.)

2. Katina Proestakis (CHI)
3. Alessia Huallpa (PER)
3. Valeria Montenegro (PER)
5. Alexandra Garcia-Godos (PER)
6. Valentina Baldi (BRA)
7. Lisa Montecinos (CHI)
8. Pietra Chierighini (BRA)

Youth B Women’s Saber
1. Natalie Cashman (Prairie Village, Kans.)

2. Pietra Chierighni (BRA)
3. Melissa San Martin (CHI)
3. Luciana Veloz (ECU)
5. Catalina Araya (CHI)
7. Carolina Brecheret (BRA)
7. Martina Guzman (CHI)
8. Malaine Donayre (PER)

Youth A Men’s Epee
1. Logan Gatza (Sanford, Fla.)

2. Lucas Lara (BRA)
3. Victor Ramirez (PER)
3. Marco Rojas (BOL)
5. Fabricio Garcia (PER)
6. Renan Delalibera (BRA)
7. Maximiliano Rodriguez (CHI)
8. Andres Rincon (COL)

Youth A Men’s Foil
1. Isaac Camayo (COL)
2. Drobot Aristotelees (ARG)
3. Victor Ramirez (PER)
3. Marco Rojas (BOL)
5. Logan Gatza (Sanford, Fla.)
6. Emilio Vargas (COL)
7. Lorenzo Chierighini (BRA)
8. Alonso Arancibia (CHI)

Youth A Men’s Saber
1. Ian Greenbaum (Atlanta, Ga.)

2. Larenza Chiergini (BRA)
3. Pedro Clemente (VEN)
3. Imon Mudarra (VEN)
6. Emilia Vargas (COL)
7. Hector Navarro (VEN)
7. Salomon Sagra (COL)
8. Christian Morales (COL)

Youth A Women’s Epee
1. Yasmine Khamis (McKinney, Texas)
2. Letzia Akemi (BRA)
3. Ana Gonzales (COL)
3. Nami Kawasaki (PER)
5. Jamine Adolphe (Leesburg, Va.)
6. Victoria Pineda (VEN)
7. Le Uchuypoma (PER)
8. Daniela Bustos (COL)

Youth A Women’s Foil
1. Namie Kawasaki (PER)
2. Victoria Pineda (VEN)
3. Ana Gonzales (COL)
3. Rafaela Santibanez (CHI)
5. Ana Franca (BRA)
6. Mariana Soriano (PER)
7. Casandra Cruz (PER)
8. Isadora Quadros (BRA)

Youth A Women’s Saber
1. Adriana Nunez (PER)
2. Camila Zavala (PER)
3. Javiera Araya (CHI)
3. Gabriela Torres (PER)
5. Gabriela Bustos (COL)


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