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Clarification of Age Eligibility for RJCCs

01/06/2016, 11:14pm CST
By USA Fencing

Fencers born 2003 to 1999 (Cadet) and 2003 to 1996 (Junior) are eligible to compete in RJCC events held after the deadline for entry to the 2016 USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships, but before the JOs commence.

All RJCCs taking place after the regular entry fee deadline for the JOs are regional qualifiers for the 2016 July Challenge and 2017 Junior Olympics for which fencers aged 2000-2003 (Cadet) and 1997-2003 (Junior) are eligible.  

The Tournament Committee has determined that organizers of RJCC tournaments taking place in the time after the regular fee deadline but before the Junior Olympics may also accept registration from fencers born in 1999 (Cadet) and 1996 (Junior) in order to provide these athletes with an additional competition opportunity prior to aging out of their respective categories.  

Athletes participating in Cadet events who were born in 1999 will not earn regional points for their placement. The same will be true for athletes born in 1996 who are competing in junior events. They will, however, count in the total number of competitors for the awarding of regional points to the athletes who are qualification eligible. 

For RJCCs held after the Junior Olympic Championships, Cadet eligibility will be birth years 2000-2003 and  Junior 1997-2003. (Age eligibility exceptions based on National Points also apply).

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