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National #CelebrateFencing Week: Celebrating Our Athletes

09/04/2023, 8:00am CDT, By Nicole Kirk

On day one of National #CelebrateFencing Week we celebrate our athletes! Be sure to share how you are celebrating your athletes using #CelebrateFencing!

USA Fencing Board Opts to Suspend New Interpretation of ‘Strip Coaching’ Rule t.109

09/01/2023, 2:00pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

The 2023-24 Cohort of the USA Fencing Board of Directors has, in an emergency action, voted to suspend the previously announced changes to rule t.109 to give themselves more time to discuss a path forward.

CollegeVine Becomes Official College Counseling Partner of USA Fencing

09/01/2023, 11:15am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

CollegeVine, a free networking service that helps high school students identify, connect with and get admitted to their best-fit college, has become the Official College Counseling Partner of USA Fencing.

Six Clubs Named 2022-23 Club Of Excellence Honorees

08/31/2023, 6:00pm CDT, By Nicole Kirk

Clubs from Washington state, Georgia, Oregon, California, New York and Texas were selected for 2022-23 Club of Excellence honors.

USA Fencing Adding a Test Option for Coach Education Modules, in Effort to Acknowledge Expertise and Streamline Learning Process

08/31/2023, 2:45pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

We’re giving all coach members the opportunity to test out of three Coach Education modules by proving their knowledge of fencing safety.

The Emotions of Fencing Captured by Landon Kroon: En Garde. Prêts? Allez!

08/31/2023, 12:00pm CDT, By Nicole Kirk

Y-12 Men’s Saber medalist Landon Kroon is the only international guest in over 10 years at the Yamaha Gala Concert, where he will be performing his piece live.

Referees’ Commission Offers Answers on How Board-Mandated ‘Strip Coaching’ Rule t.109 Will Be Enforced

08/30/2023, 6:15pm CDT, By The Referees’ Commission

New Board-mandated guidelines restrict coaching during bouts, aiming to improve the competitive environment and align U.S. fencers with global practices.

Host Wanted: Help Us Hold a Junior Men’s Saber World Cup in January 2024

08/29/2023, 10:15am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

USA Fencing has been awarded a Junior Men’s Saber World Cup event for Jan. 20–21, 2024, and we’re looking to partner with a club, university or event organizer to hold the tournament.

Taylor Brings Visibility To Adaptive Sports in Adventure Across Africa

08/25/2023, 2:15pm CDT, By Nicole Kirk

Cycling Across Africa brought more connection to fencing than Taylor could have imagined.

Join the Party at the 2024 USA Fencing Veteran Awards Dinner, Held During the January NAC

08/25/2023, 8:00am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

Veteran fencers and those who love and support them are invited to the 2024 USA Fencing Veteran Awards Dinner, held during the January 2024 North American Cup in San Jose, Calif.

Page 8 of 85

Displaying Results 71 - 80 of 845

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