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Shape the Future of Fencing: Apply to USA Fencing's Committees, Councils, and Resource Groups for 2024-25

07/22/2024, 4:15pm CDT, By Nicole Kirk

Don't miss the opportunity to drive change and enhance your involvement in fencing by applying to join USA Fencing's diverse array of committees, councils, and resource groups for the 2024-25 season!

Introducing Two New Fencing Categories: Adult (21 to 39) and Adult Combined (21 and Older)

07/22/2024, 7:00am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

USA Fencing introduces new competitive categories for fencers aged 21 to 39 and 21 and up. The categories will debut at the local level for the 2024-25 season.

Take Note of These 5 Updates to Events and Formats for the 2024-25 Tournament Season

07/19/2024, 3:00pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

As the 2024-25 competition season nears, the Tournament Committee and Events Team have a number of changes to share.

USA Fencing Announces Jean-Marc Oppenheim as 2023-24 High School Coach of the Year Award Winner

07/18/2024, 10:00am CDT, By Nicole Kirk

Celebrate with us as Jean-Marc Oppenheim, head coach at Don Bosco Prep High School, wins the prestigious 2023-24 USA Fencing High School Coach of the Year award, honoring his dedication to shaping young athletes into not only competitive fencers but also exemplary individuals.

USA Fencing, iSponsor Team Up to Empower Club Fundraising Through Everyday Shopping

07/17/2024, 7:15am CDT, By USA Fencing

iSponsor helps support local fencing clubs by turning everyday shopping into significant fundraising opportunities.

2023-24 Regional Patch Winners: These Were the Top Youth, Cadet and Junior Fencers in Each Region

07/16/2024, 1:15pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

Exactly 679 patches were awarded across all age groups and weapons, and those patches were awarded to fencers from 187 different clubs.

Superior Fence & Rail Announced as Official Fence of Fencers

07/15/2024, 7:45am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

Superior Fence & Rail, known for high-quality fences and exceptional customer service, is stepping onto the strip with USA Fencing.

Fencing Across Borders: How One Youth Fencer’s Journey to Benin is Bridging Cultures and Building Dreams

07/12/2024, 4:15pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

Ruth Mund recounts a life-changing cultural and fencing exchange visit to the West African nation of Benin. And now she’s calling on fellow fencers to help create training videos to share with Beninese fencers hoping to learn the sport we all love.

USA Fencing Partners With Groups to Introduce Columbus Youth to Fencing

07/11/2024, 4:30pm CDT, By Bryan Wendell

During Summer Nationals in Columbus, our collaboration with Hilltop YMCA, 2-4-1, and the Greater Columbus Sports Commission led to more than 100 youth discovering the excitement of fencing.

July 2024 Board Meeting Recap: Updated Codes of Conduct, Bylaw Amendments and a New Member of Honor Award Among the Highlights

07/10/2024, 11:00am CDT, By Bryan Wendell

The Board met in person in Columbus, Ohio, and online on July 6, 2024, to discuss crucial updates and amendments that will shape the future of the organization.

Page 1 of 97

Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 970

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