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Elite Foil Coach, Renaissance Fencing Club, Troy, MI

Type of Position:  Full Time

Job Title:  Elite Foil Coach

Start Date: 5/1/2022

Job Description:  Join the Renaissance Fencing Club coaching staff in our 9000 square foot facility.  Our club is youth based but we teach all ages including recreational teens and adults.  We offer a competitive salary and flexible days and times. 

Responsibilities:   Coach must be able to run warm up, footwork, group drills, competitive bouting drills and be able to give high level private lessons.  Must be able to work with elite fencers of B classification and higher.  Must be able to work with, and be respectful to, other coaches.  Must speak English to be able to communicate effectively with students and parents.  Must understand right of way.

Qualifications:   Experienced foil coach with ability to teach B level and higher elite committed fencers in both group class (footwork, drill, competitive bouting) situations and private lessons).

Application Instructions:   Please send expression of interest and resume to 

Additional Information:   SafeSport training required and ability to pass background check.  Ability to travel to competitions helpful but not required.

Application Deadline:  05/01/2022



posted 3/22/2022