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Frequently Asked Questions about the 2023 Election

When is the deadline?  
All application materials must be received no later than Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022.
How many people can run?  
The nominating committee will select at least one candidate for each of the three at-large director positions. 
When will the nominees be announced?
The nominees for each position will be announced on the USA Fencing website in early 2023.
Who is eligible to vote?  
Any USA Fencing member age 18 or older in good standing as of Feb. 1, 2023, and who belongs to a membership class that includes the right to vote is eligible to vote.

Eligible membership classes are Life, Competitive, Collegiate Competitive, Supporting, Access, Olympian Life, Paralympian Life, Life Installment and Coach.

How do I nominate a candidate?
If you know someone who would make an excellent candidate for any of the open positions and would like the Nominating Committee to consider such individuals, please follow the process outlined here.

Who is the nominating committee?
The nominating committee includes these members:

  • Chair: Kat Holmes OLY
  • Staff Liaison: Phil Andrews
  • Membership: Sam Cheris, Molly Hill, Terrance Lasker, Kat Holmes OLY and Jackie Dubrovich OLY (Athlete)