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Armory & SEMI

Discover the World of Fencing Armory

Fencing, a sport rich in history and tradition, is also a realm of technological advancement and precision. The Armory is where this fascinating blend comes to life. In the armory, fencing experts ensure that every piece of equipment not only functions flawlessly but also adheres to the strict standards of the sport.


Who Are the Armorers?

Armorers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and efficacy of fencing equipment. There are three main types:

  1. Personal/Club Equipment Armorers: These experts focus on maintaining and verifying the functionality and competition readiness of a fencer's personal gear, as detailed in the M/"Materials" section of the rulebook. Learn more.

  2. Tournament Armorers: Their primary role involves pre-competition equipment control and resolving equipment issues during tournaments. Learn more.

  3. International Team Armorers: These specialists handle the equipment needs of fencers at international events, ensuring compliance with global standards. Learn more.

Links You May Need

Armorers must familiarize themselves with the USA Fencing Rulebook and the FIE Rulebook.

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This page is brought to you by the Electronic Signaling Equipment and Installations Committee (US SEMI).

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Links to SEMI Rulings

- 9/27/2017: Equipment Updates from the USA Fencing SEMI Committee

- 6/14/2022: What You Need to Know About Masks and Lames for Summer Nationals and Beyond

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