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Sports Medicine Podcast

Episode 1: Five Key Tips on Mental Health/Performance while at home with Dr. Karen Cogan, Ph.D, USPOC Sr. Sports Psychologist

Dr. Cogan has worked with 11 Olympic sports (acrobat and combat sports) for the past 10 years and is here to share with us some common struggles for athletes as well as providing us with resources to consider when at home and wanting to up our competitive game.


Episode 2: Top Five Tips in Sports Nutritional Considerations to Include or Plan During Stay-At-Home Orders

Rob Skinner, the Sr. Sports Dietitian at the USOPC, will cover challenges we all face during this time at home and will provide key insights and considerations of common solutions in diet and nutrition. Lastly, Skinner's top five tips will help guide athletes during their time at home as it pertains to sports nutrition.

Episode 3: Top Five Tips on Strength and Conditioning Considerations to Maintain Pre-Isolation Fitness Levels and the Safe Return to Sport-Specific Training

Our discussion with Mason Walters - the USOPC Strength and Conditioning Coach - will uncover the major challenges of maintaining competitive fitness levels while at home. Walters' top five tips for fitness considerations at home are spot on and will guide athletes to mix up their training routines as well as basic guidelines of documenting and rating your training sessions. Lastly, Walters speaks about how professional sports (NBA, NFL, NHL etc) are very concerned about safe return to sport and provides us with a simple model to make sure athletes are fit for competitive play.

Episode 4: What to Know When Returning to Fencing After COVID-19 Infection

Dr. David Putrino discusses why athletes should inform themselves about COVID-19 and potential complications surrounding the athlete population, including complications associated to COVID-19 and the heart/cardiovascular system. Dr. Putrino will also detail the importance and science around testing, brief sport bubble models and what steps athletes should take if they have continued symptoms following COVID-19 infection or not.

Dr. Putrino is a researcher, clinician, Associate Professor, and Director Rehabilitation Innovation at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Putrino worked as a clinician in Australia before study of computational neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, MIT and NYU. A former faculty member at Weill-Cornell Medicine and Burke Medical Research Institute, Dr. Putrino is an Official Medical Provider for Red Bull’s Sponsored Athletes in North America.

Episode 5: Jumping into Action with Andrey Geva and August Skopik

In November of 2020, August Skopik, a member of Alliance Fencing Academy, went into cardiac arrest while fencing at the club. Because of the preparation of Owner and Head Coach Andrey Geva and his staff, Skopik was resuscitated and ultimately survived. In this episode of the USA Fencing Sports Medicine Podcast, USA Fencing Director of Sports Medicine Jeremy Summers sat down with Skopik and Andrey Geva, owner of Alliance Fencing Academy, to discuss the experience, the quick response of the coaches and members of the club and how you can be prepared for any medical emergency.

Heart Health Information

A heart attack is when blood flow to the heart is blocked, and sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating unexpectedly. A heart attack is a “circulation” problem and sudden cardiac arrest is an “electrical” problem (American Heart Association).

CPR Certification

1. American Heart Association

2. American Red Cross

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