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Al Kidd

Board Spotlight: Al Kidd

Position: Independent Director

What does your role as an Independent Director entail?

I came onto the board when it began to transition to both a smaller board as well as to increase the number of independent board voices. I am proud that during those transition times, the board engaged in thoughtful discourse to arrive at processes, reporting and renewed accountability standards that facilitated staff’s ability to correct the operational and financial course of the organization. I believe my collective experiences provided additional general business and marketing expertise that supported the teams decision making.

How did you get involved with fencing?

Don Anthony and I discussed the possibility of serving as an independent member. Don had a thoughtful plan and constitution to take appropriate corrective and additive decisions that interested me. I have always enjoyed growing and assisting in vision development throughout my business career.

You’re the National Association of Sports Commissions President and CEO. What do you do in that job?

At this point in my career I have the opportunity to utilized the numerous marketing, branding, revenue development and repositioning an organization. The NASC is looking to move to their 2.0 version with a wider and deeper member impact, rebrand and reposition their work, establish a national advocacy effort and assist our destinations, allied partners and rights  holder build economic value across America through sports events and tourism. We will find new ways to support US Fencing and their event growth.

How does your job help you on the board?

This job may yield some direct revenue opportunities as well as expanded event support by our members. But, my previous experience in high end marketing and brand development has been important during the time I have currently served.

Do you have a favorite sports team?
I grew up in Cleveland Ohio. I am unsure whether the water fixes you as a lifelong Indians and Browns fan, but those are my favorite two teams in professional sports. I am a big fan of seeing athletes perform extraordinary feats regardless of the sport. I have been fortunate throughout my life to have met many professional athletes across many sports and as a result I also root for people I know or who have met.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My wife and I are coffee house aficionados as well as foodies willing to try almost anything. We have lived in San Diego for 38 years and just about every Saturday we are seeking out a new coffee house to patronize across San Diego County. We both spend our vacations visiting family and establishing a relationship with our grand daughter.

And occasionally I like to give Don Anthony a hard time …

Date Created: September 2017