How to Earn Regional Points

Please refer to Chapter 3 of the Athlete Handbook for more details on points. 

Fencers only earn points at RYCs within their home region (your Region is assigned based on Division affiliation). Only the best 3 results count towards the point total. These points may qualify Youth fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships. Points earned at Regional Youth tournaments are not considered in determination of national point standings; they are only reflected in regional point standings. 

Using the formula below, RYC tournaments will award points to all participants:

((# entries – place + 1) / # entries) x 100 points

The winner of each RYC, regardless of size of field, will earn 100 points. The size of the participant field is based on all athletes in the event, regardless of region. Regional RYC Points are only earned in the fencers own region.

RYCs must have at least 2 competitors.