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Athlete Handbook

The Athlete Handbook provides fencers, coaches, administrators, and parents the information pertinent to all aspects of USA Fencing programs. Periodic updates may occur during the season; these updates to the book will be communicated to the membership via postings to this page. Please email any AH questions, comments, concerns or corrections to

You're free to print or reproduce any or all of the Athlete Handbook without separate permission from USA Fencing. We only ask that you include a link back to this page ( so that the individual has access to the latest version of the handbook as print copies could become outdated over time.

2023-24 Athlete Handbook Changelog

This section contains a list of changes to the 2023-24 Athlete Handbook made after its initial publication date. 

Sept. 11, 2023: Added this language to the end of 2.1.3: “For the FIE Veteran World Championships, USA Fencing will review these results after the conclusion of the tournament and award earned or renewed classifications as appropriate.”

Sept. 11, 2023: Added this language to 2.14: “During registration, each team will be required to submit a name for the team. At the time of check-in, should the Bout Committee determine the team name is inappropriate and/or in violation of any USA Fencing rules, polices or codes of conduct, the Bout Committee retains the right to require that the team name be changed before check-in is completed.

Sept. 18, 2023: Added the updated Member Code of Conduct and Spectator Code of Conduct.

Sept. 18, 2023: Updated Parafencing guidelines in 12.2