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Athlete Handbook

2018-19 USA Fencing Athlete Handbook

Athlete Handbook Updates

Chapter/Appendices Section Change/Update Date of Change
Athlete Handbook All USA Fencing website and email addresses updated 9/6/2017
Chapter 3 3.4.1 Strength Factor for USA Fencing Division I North American Cup events 9/27/17
Chapter 4 4.2.1 Petition Process 11/27/17
Chapter 3 3.4.1 Clarification of ties in points standings for strength factor calculation 11/27/17
Chapter 2 Corrected JO Seeding 12/21/17
Chapter 2 Representation 4/30/18

Permission is granted for reproduction of any portion of this book. Hard/Bound copy of the Athlete Handbook can be ordered from the USA Fencing via email Membership Services with payment of $50 (includes shipping).

The Athlete Handbook provides fencers, coaches, administrators, and parents the information pertinent to all aspects of USA Fencing programs. Periodic updates may occur during the season - these updates to the book will be communicated to the membership via postings to this page. Please email any AH questions, comments, concerns, corrections to

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