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Whether you're brand new to the sport of Fencing or have been involved in our sport for most of your life, our membership options below are tailored to all individuals throughout the fencing community. 

Please explore the options below to choose which membership works best for you.

We invite you to join our fencing community of more than 37,000 members! 


Access Membership $29

This membership is perfect for anyone wanting to stay connected to USA Fencing, try competing at the local level or support USA Fencing competitions as an armorer, official or member of the tournament staff. Plus, you'll be supporting the future of fencing!


Competitive Membership $99

Ready to take the next step and compete at a Regional, National or International competition? As a competitive member, you'll have the right to enter and compete in these prestigious, fun-filled tournaments located in cities across the country. 


Coach Membership $150

Coaches are the lifeblood of our sport — helping introduce new athletes to fencing and prepare them for success on the strip and in life. Note: Coach members must complete a background screening, SafeSport training and our coach education program. 


Note about the Coach membership

Individuals acting as coaches or instructors of athletes or participants at USA Fencing clubs, their events or activities, or at USA Fencing-sanctioned events or activities will be screened through the Coach membership. Coach Members receive the benefit of a general liability insurance policy. Coach Members have the same rights and benefits as a competitive membership. 

In order to become a Coach member, an individual must successfully complete the SafeSport course, a background screen, and the coach education program as required by USA Fencing.

  • Cost for SafeSport course, background check, and additional education program included in this membership

Additional Membership Types

Parent Membership ($19.99): Includes the ability to vote, invitations to parent-specific webinars, a special newsletter, and an exclusive bumper sticker available only to Parent members. Parents (and other caregivers) who wish to compete and/or participate in a coach or referee capacity will need to have at minimum an Access Membership.

Collegiate Competitive ($55): Includes all the benefits of a Competitive but at a discounted rate for athletes with primary affiliation to a NCAA varsity program or Collegiate Club program. 

International Competitive Licence ($115): This membership is required if you are not a U.S. citizen and/or represent a country other than the United States and intend to fence at a sanctioned USA Fencing event, including our North American Cups (in non-Championship events only).

Life ($1,500): Make a commitment to your fencing future with a Life membership, which includes all the benefits of a Competitive membership for life — even if the Competitive membership fee increases in the future.

Life Installment (10 annual payments of $150 each): The same as the Life membership, but your fee is split across 10 annual payments.


+Check Ed Add-On

Cost: $30

Referees, bout committee, armorers, volunteers and board members are required to have the +CheckEd add-on. 

The add-on includes the background screen and SafeSport training. This membership add-on is for members who do not coach but are involved in administrative capacities.

Note: Coach Members have this included in their membership

+Coach Add-On

Cost: $30

Current USA Fencing Life and Life Installment members who coach at USA Fencing clubs, their events or activities, or at USA Fencing sanctioned events are required to add +Coach.

A background screen and SafeSport training are required and both are included in the cost of the add-on.

+Junior Coach Add-On

Cost $30

The +Junior Coach Add-On is for Competitive and Access members, 14 - 17 years old, who coach at a USA Fencing club or who want foundational coaching training and the opportunity to explore coaching as a future career path.

Membership Information

All USA Fencing Membership Benefits can be found HERE.

All dues are payable on application for membership and thereafter on or before the next membership year begins. 

The membership year coincides with the fencing season, which occurs between Aug. 1 and the following July 31.

Membership dues are not prorated at any time except when eligible for extended membership.

Membership Extension Policy:  A new or first-time upgrading member who joins USA Fencing between April 1 and June 30 of the current membership season shall be entitled to a membership for the remaining months in the current season through the next membership season. 

A USA Fencing membership is required by all individual members of USA Fencing Member Clubs who utilize the USA Fencing insurance program. 

In the event of membership cancellation, USA Fencing does not refund membership dues.

Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

For additional questions, contact