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USA Fencing Club Membership and Insurance Program

All Member Clubs benefit from being covered by USA Fencing's best-in-class insurance program. For more information on insurance coverage, please visit the links below or go to or call 866-945-1376.

NOTE: USA Fencing may request a roster for additional insured locations; you could be asked for documentation of membership after your tournament, camp, etc. in order to receive insurance at locations outside of your club.

Current Member Clubs can submit for a COI with Additional Insured entities through your club manager portal within your USA Fencing membership account. 


2022-23 Claim Forms (for incidents that occured August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2023).

2023-24 Season: Insurance Presentation

Our partners at Gallagher Affinity have created this presentation for Club Owners to help provide you with the information you need for the season. Click the video below to view the presentation.