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Fencing Goes to Washington: Don’t Miss Some of the Sport’s Biggest Stars at the D.C. Foil Grand Prix

03/08/2024, 8:15am CST
By Bryan Wendell

Grab your tickets for the 2024 Absolute Fencing Gear FIE Foil Grand Prix, where the world’s best foil fencers will compete for medals and positions on their country’s Olympic team.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — From March 15–17, the most exciting duels in D.C. won’t happen on Capitol Hill but a dozen blocks northwest at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

USA Fencing is proud to host the electrifying 2024 Absolute Fencing Gear FIE Foil Grand Prix — an international tournament that promises to be an event unlike any other. 

This tournament is a decisive moment for Olympic hopefuls, with the world’s best foil fencers from nearly 50 countries gathering to show their stuff on the strip. 

Olympians like Lee Kiefer, Nick Itkin and Alexander Massialas — each of whom has already locked in their spot on Team USA for the 2024 Games — will showcase their prowess on what promises to be an unforgettable weekend.

Tickets are on sale now for just $10 for a single day or $25 for the entire weekend. Help make the “home strip advantage” a powerful one by grabbing your tickets and cheering for Team USA at the first FIE senior tournament on home soil since 2019.

When and Where

  • Where: Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the heart of D.C.

  • When: March 15-17, 2024

    • Friday, March 15 (9 a.m. ET): Qualification Rounds (Women)

    • Saturday, March 16 (9 a.m. ET): Qualification Rounds (Men)

    • Sunday, March 17 (9 a.m. ET): Elimination Round (Women)

    • Sunday, March 17 (10:30 a.m. ET): Elimination Round (Men)

    • Sunday, March 17 (6 p.m. ET): Semifinals and Finals (Men and Women)

Who’s Competing?

At an FIE World Cup or Grand Prix competition overseas, USA Fencing can send 12 athletes per weapon/gender. But at an FIE competition we host, USA Fencing can send 20 athletes per weapon/gender, meaning we’ll have 40 athletes repping the stars and stripes in D.C.!

Additionally, there is an opportunity to add even more athletes as needed to fill uneven pools, which means one or more U.S. fencer could be added at the last minute, expanding our delegation beyond 40.

Here’s who’s currently registered:

Team USA Women’s Foil

  • Jia Chin (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)

  • Rebecca Cho (Top Fencing Club)

  • Sabrina Cho (University Of Pennsylvania)

  • Josephina Conway (University Of Notre Dame)

  • Stefani Deschner (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)

  • Delphine DeVore (Unattached)

  • Jacqueline Dubrovich OLY (New Jersey Fencing Alliance)

  • Gabrielle Grace Gebala (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)

  • Emily Jing (Star Fencing Academy)

  • Lee Kiefer OLY (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)

  • Rachael Kim (Top Fencing Club)

  • Alina Lee (Massialas Foundation (M Team))

  • Ryanne Leslie (University Of Notre Dame)

  • Jaelyn Liu (Star Fencing Academy)

  • Katerina Lung (Moe Fencing Club LLC)

  • Alexandra Nissinoff (V Fencing Club)

  • Zander Rhodes (V Fencing Club)

  • Lauren Scruggs (Peter Westbrook Foundation)

  • Sara Taffel (PISTE Fencing Academy)

  • Maia Weintraub (Fencers Club Inc.)

Team USA Men’s Foil

  • James Bourtis (New York Athletic Club)

  • Miles Chamley-Watson OLY (LA International Fencing)

  • Andrew Chen (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)

  • James Chen (Harvard University)

  • Chase Emmer (Massialas Foundation (M Team))

  • Ethan Gassner (Golden State Fencing Academy)

  • Jack Griffith (US Air Force Academy)

  • Nick Itkin OLY (LA International Fencing)

  • Samarth Kumbla (New York Athletic Club)

  • Sidarth Kumbla (New York Athletic Club)

  • Jacob J. Lee (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)

  • Richard Li (Star Fencing Academy)

  • Bryce Louie (LA International Fencing)

  • Alexander Massialas OLY (Massialas Foundation (M Team))

  • Gerek Meinhardt OLY (Massialas Foundation (M Team))

  • Marcello Olivares (University Of Notre Dame)

  • Jack Oursler (Manhattan Fencing Center)

  • Ethan Um (Princeton University)

  • Luao Yang (Renaissance Fencing Club)

  • Daniel Zhang (Star Fencing Academy)

Please note that this list may change and that registration does not guarantee the appearance of competitors, as circumstances may change leading up to the event.

International Fencers in the Mix

Of the top 32 foil fencers in the world (top 16 women and top 16 men), 30 are registered for the D.C. Foil Grand Prix.

Here are those fencers, along with their current FIE world ranking.

Women’s Foil

Fourteen of the top 16 are registered.

1: Lee Kiefer OLY (USA)

2: Martina Favaretto (Italy)

3: Alice Volpi (Italy)

4: Martina Batini (Italy)

5: Anne Sauer (Germany)

6: Sera Azuma (Japan)

7: Qingyuan Chen (China)

9: Arianna Errigo (Italy)

10: Jessica Zi Jia Guo (Canada)

11: Jacqueline Dubrovich OLY (USA)

12: Julia Walczyk-Klimaszyk (Poland)

13: Eleanor Harvey (Canada)

14: Maia Weintraub (USA)

15: Lauren Scruggs (USA)

Men’s Foil

All of the top 16 are registered.

1: Cheung Ka Long (Hong Kong, China)

2: Tommaso Marini (Italy)

3: Mohamed Hamza (Egypt)

4: Alexander Massialas OLY (USA)

5: Nick Itkin OLY (USA)

6: Enzo Lefort (France)

7: Gerek Meinhardt OLY (USA)

8: Alessio Foconi (Italy)

9: Filippo Macchi (Italy)

10: Kyosuke Matsuyama (Japan)

11: Alexander Choupenitch (Czech Republic)

12: Daniel Dosa (Hungary)

13: Mo Ziwei (China)

14: Rafael Savin (France)

15: Carlos Llavador (Spain)

16: Choi Chun Yin Ryan (Hong Kong, China)

Please note: Registration does not guarantee the appearance of competitors, as circumstances may change leading up to the event.

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