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2024 Absolute Fencing Gear FIE Grand Prix — Washington, D.C.

Dates: March 15–17, 2024

Location: Washington, D.C.

Venue: Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Allen Y. Lew Place NW
Washington, DC 20001

Schedule at a Glance

Friday, March 15, 2024
07h00 Weapons Control & Registration Open
09h00 Women's Pools and Qualification Table
Saturday, March 16, 2024
07h00 Weapons Control & Registration Open
09h00 Men's Pools and Qualification Table
Sunday, March 17, 2024
07h00 Weapons Control & Registration Open
09h00 Direct Elimination Table of 64 — Women's Foil
10h30 Direct Elimination Table of 64 — Men's Foil
18h00 Start of Women's and Men's Semifinals and Finals Program

Latest Grand Prix News

Quick Links

Sunday Live Streams — Round of 64 to Finals

Round of 64, Round of 32, Round of 16, Quarterfinals: Fencing FIE YouTube channel

Semifinals and Finals (U.S. and Territories only): NBC Sports YouTube

Semifinals and Finals (outside of U.S. and Territories): Fencing FIE YouTube channel

Blue Strip

Green Strip

Strip 5

Strip 7

Semifinals and Finals (U.S. and Territories)

Team USA Men: Roster

James Bourtis (New York Athletic Club)
Spencer Burke (Pennsylvania State University)
Miles Chamley-Watson OLY (LA International Fencing)
Andrew Chen (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)
Jeidus DeSeranno (Renaissance Fencing Club)
Kian Dierks (Golden State Fencing Academy)
Chase Emmer (Massialas Foundation (M Team))
Ethan Gassner (Golden State Fencing Academy)
Jack Griffith (US Air Force Academy)
Nick Itkin OLY (LA International Fencing)*
Samarth Kumbla (New York Athletic Club)
Sidarth Kumbla (New York Athletic Club)
Jacob Lee (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)
Richard Li (Star Fencing Academy)
Bryce Louie (LA International Fencing)
Alexander Massialas OLY (Massialas Foundation (M Team))*
Gerek Meinhardt OLY (Massialas Foundation (M Team))*
Marcello Olivares (University Of Notre Dame)
Jack Oursler (Manhattan Fencing Center)
Nickolas Rusadze (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club)
Alexander Wu (Star Fencing Academy) 
Luao Yang (Renaissance Fencing Club)
Jeffrey Zhai (East Coast Fencing Club)

*Based on Top 16 world ranking, advances directly to Sunday's Round of 64.

Yellow Strip

Red Strip

Strip 6

Strip 8

Semifinals and Finals (Outside the U.S.)

Team USA Women: Roster

Jia Chen (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)
Rebecca Cho (Top Fencing Club)
Sabrina Cho (University Of Pennsylvania)
Mikayla Chusid (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)
Josephina Conway (University Of Notre Dame)
Stefani Deschner (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)
Delphine DeVore (Unattached)
Jacqueline Dubrovich OLY (New Jersey Fencing Alliance)*
Hailey Eyer (Manchen Academy Of Fencing)
Caterina Fedeli (Epic Fencing Club)
Gabrielle Grace Gebala (Silicon Valley Fencing Center)
Emily Jing (Star Fencing Academy)
Lee Kiefer OLY (Bluegrass Fencers' Club)*
Rachael Kim (Top Fencing Club)
Chin-Yi Kong (Golden State Fencing Academy)
Alina Lee (Massialas Foundation (M Team))
Ryanne Leslie (University Of Notre Dame)
Jaelyn Liu (Star Fencing Academy)
Katerina Lung (Moe Fencing Club LLC)
Alexandra Nissinoff (V Fencing Club)
Zander Rhodes (V Fencing Club)
Lauren Scruggs (Peter Westbrook Foundation)*
Sara Taffel (PISTE Fencing Academy)
Maia Weintraub (Fencers Club Inc.)*

*Based on Top 16 world ranking, advances directly to Sunday's Round of 64.