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Magda Skarbonkiewicz

Portland, Ore.

Nov. 20, 2005

Event: Saber
Education: Avenues Online (high school), University of Notre Dame
Club: Oregon Fencing Alliance
Coach: Adam Skarbonkiewicz 
Family: Parents Brynn and Adam Skarbonkiewicz, siblings Milena and Maks
Hobbies: Art
Fencing origin story: "My dad was a fencing coach and he almost made the Olympics.  I was basically born into fencing."
Why I love fencing: "I love the emotions and the fight in fencing. It's a mental competition with not only yourself but the opponent and in the end it's whoever is stronger both physically and mentally. I love having fun and playing on strip."
Advice: "Be passionate and have fun. It's a sport you get to make any action you want in. Don't pressure yourself — just enjoy touch by touch."
Who Has Inspired Her Fencing Career: Her dad, who pulls her out of those days where she doubts fencing while letting her make her own decisions. Also Mariel Zagunis, who she grew up watching during the Olympics and seeing her in the fencing club. Zagunis' motivation and drive is very strong and always fences the best she can, even during practice.

Senior World Championship Teams: 2023

Notable results

  • Double 2023 Pan American Games champion (team and individual)
  • Two-time Junior World Champion (2022, 2023)
  • Back-to-back Division I gold medalist at the July Challenge (2022, 2023)