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Case Statement

Make Your Mark on the Future of Fencing

Every transformative lesson, every hard-won victory, every Olympic and Paralympic medal starts with an opportunity. It starts with someone who opened the door for an athlete to experience the power of fencing — a sport whose benefits extend long after an athlete leaves the strip. 

Fencing was one of the original Olympic sports, but its importance in the development of incredible people has never been more relevant than today.

That’s where you come in. You have the power to create these opportunities for athletes across the country — including those who already love fencing and those who haven’t yet experienced our sport. We invite you to show your passion for fencing and support the sport’s future by making a donation today. 

Our Five Fundraising Pillars

Your gift is urgently needed in these key areas outlined by our members.

  1. Elite Athletes at all Levels – From the youngest Y-10 fencers to cadets, juniors, seniors and veterans, you can support our epee, foil, saber and parafencing athletes as they train and compete at home and at the toughest tournaments in the world.
  2. Sport Development – Growing the sport happens at the local level. You can help promote and support new clubs, build and strengthen parafencing programs, provide quality coach education and certification, showcase and market recreational fencing programs, and create grassroots and regional programs.
  3. Culture of the Sport – Nurture and support a healthy fencing community by investing in athlete safety; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives; and mental wellness initiatives to ensure our fencing family thrives and grows. 
  4. Organization and Community – Invest in the vital daily operations of USA Fencing and our work with athletes, coaches, referees, volunteers, armorers and club owners. Supporting these operations provides a solid foundation on which our sport can flourish.  
  5. Foundation Endowment – Help expand our long-term endowment to support future generations of fencers.

Click to view a PDF version of our Case Statement Brochure