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Weapon-Specific Endowment National Team Challenge

Your Support Today. Your Squad Tomorrow.

Your investment will ensure America’s squads continue on the path of excellence.

As fencers, we have strong connections to our weapons and squads — it is all part of our fencing community. On the strip and in life, we are passionate about fencing and are proud to represent our respective squads.

The United States Fencing Foundation established seven Weapon-Specific Endowments in 2017, giving donors the opportunity to support the squad of their choice. One-hundred percent of funds raised go to that squad and are gifts that directly support weapon-specific endeavors focused on squad performances.

Each endowment pledge is $2,500 and can be paid over five years if so desired. 

  • Men’s Epee
  • Men’s Foil
  • Men’s Saber
  • Women’s Epee
  • Women’s Foil
  • Women’s Saber
  • Parafencing

You have the opportunity to invest and help make your squad perform with excellence.

Weapon-Specific Endowments are a source of extraordinary, dedicated funding for programs to utilize and support initiatives that have previously gone unfunded. Initiatives are performance impacting and advance the base, breadth and quality of every fencing program within USA Fencing. Examples include Olympic Training Center programs and services, direct athlete support, international competition assistance, and squad and weapon training camps.

Your investment will inspire the next generation of fencers and support American fencing as a global powerhouse in our sport

To learn more about giving opportunities, please contact Amanda Lilly at USA Fencing at or 719-374-1655.

Click to view the Weapon-Specific Endowment Brochure and Pledge Form