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At USA Fencing, our tournaments rely heavily on the dedication and expertise of referees and armorers. Without their invaluable contributions, our events would not be the successes they are today. We invite you to explore and learn more about these vital roles within the fencing community.


Refereeing is an important role within the sport of fencing. Competitions need referees in order to ensure matches are managed by competent individuals acting with dignity, integrity and fairness. Referees also help to create a safe experience for competitors, coaches and spectators.

For those of you who already referee, thank you! For those of you interested in becoming a referee, thank you for your interest!

The Referees' Commission (RC) is the group which governs the referee cadre. The RC's tasks include:

  • Hiring and assigning referees to national level events. 

  • Selecting and training candidates to sit for FIE exams.

  • Assigning referees to cadet designated events and Junior World Cups.

  • Reviewing rule updates, including FIE rule changes, for adoption.

  • Managing ethical disputes concerning referees.

If you are interested in becoming involved in refereeing or have general questions, please email


Fencing, a sport rich in history and tradition, is also a realm of technological advancement and precision. The Armory is where this fascinating blend comes to life. In the armory, fencing experts ensure that every piece of equipment not only functions flawlessly but also adheres to the strict standards of the sport.


Who Are the Armorers?

Armorers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and efficacy of fencing equipment. There are three main types:

  1. Personal/Club Equipment Armorers: These experts focus on maintaining and verifying the functionality and competition readiness of a fencer's personal gear, as detailed in the M/"Materials" section of the rulebook. Learn more.

  2. Tournament Armorers: Their primary role involves pre-competition equipment control and resolving equipment issues during tournaments. Learn more.

  3. International Team Armorers: These specialists handle the equipment needs of fencers at international events, ensuring compliance with global standards. Learn more.

USA Fencing Tournament Officials Support Policy

Posted April 2024

USA Fencing referees, tournament officials, tournament staff and others acting in a representative role of USA Fencing are entitled to a harassment-free environment.

In the event that an official receives any undue conduct inclusive of harassment, they are encouraged to report that immediately to USA Fencing using the FenceSafe reporting form available at

In the event that an official, acting reasonably within their role as a USA Fencing representative, receives a legal threat, they are asked to pass this to USA Fencing, which will support the individual with defense resources. Officials are asked to immediately contact our Athlete Safety & Compliance Manager, Christina Pachuta, by email —( with a copy to the CEO Phil Andrews (