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Refereeing is an important role within the sport of fencing. Competitions need referees in order to ensure matches are managed by competent individuals acting with dignity, integrity and fairness. Referees also help to create a safe experience for competitors, coaches and spectators.

For those of you who already referee, thank you! For those of you interested in becoming a referee, thank you for your interest!

The Referees' Commission (RC) is the group which governs the referee cadre. The RC's tasks include:

  • Hiring and assigning referees to national level events. 

  • Selecting and training candidates to sit for FIE exams.

  • Assigning referees to cadet designated events and Junior World Cups.

  • Reviewing rule updates, including FIE rule changes, for adoption.

  • Managing ethical disputes concerning referees.

If you are interested in becoming involved in refereeing or have general questions, please email