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International Team Armorers

Masters of Precision on the World Stage

This is the world of International Team Armorers, where the art of armory meets the pinnacle of fencing competition. These armorers are instrumental in preparing and maintaining equipment for top-tier fencers competing globally. Their expertise ensures that athletes can perform at their best, with equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

What They Do:

  • Ensuring Global Standards Compliance: Strict adherence to international fencing federation regulations is paramount. International Team Armorers are experts in these standards, ensuring that every piece of equipment, from masks to body cords, is compliant.
  • Customized Support for Elite Athletes: Working in close collaboration with national teams, these armorers understand the unique needs and preferences of each athlete, tailoring their services to optimize performance.
  • Rapid Response During Competitions: In the high-stakes environment of international competitions, armorers provide swift and effective solutions to any equipment issues that arise, ensuring minimal disruption to the athletes and the event.

In case you want to see a detailed list of the items which the FIE has homologated, go here.