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Teen Fencers Champion Parafencing at School Fundraising Event

02/02/2024, 3:00pm CST
By Nicole Kirk

In a remarkable show of community spirit, three high school fencers from Nellya Fencers raise $500 for the U.S. Fencing Foundation, dedicating their efforts to support and raise awareness for parafencing.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - While some teenagers focus on likes and status, others spend their time helping others. That was the case for The Westminster Schools in Atlanta students Shalini Dantuluri, Shivani Dantuluri and Callie Wang of Nellya Fencers in Atlanta. They recently participated in their school’s charity event and donated those proceeds to the U.S. Fencing Foundation (USFF), and dedicated the funds to impact parafencing. Their efforts not only raised funds for parafencing initiatives but also heightened awareness about the sport among their peers and community.

The trio took part in the Westminster Schools in Atlanta Alternative Gift Fair. This event is a “fun-filled event that provides students with the opportunity to support various charities and organizations by raising money and selling products and gifts for a good cause,” say Shalini, Shivani, and Callie. 

“The best part of it all,” the fencers say, “is that all the funds go to doing good for the community.”

Their specific project was to “create self-care products such as all-natural hand sanitizers and body sprays that could be used during sports and/or other activities. 

“Our goal was to innovate various refreshing scents people would love without any harsh chemicals,” they say. 

They created three scents, citrus, lavender and rose, and when someone stopped by to purchase or browse what was offered, they also saw signage to educate the community about parafencing. 

Shalini, Shivani, and Callie raised $500 for the Foundation and dedicated the entirety of their fundraiser to impact the parafencing program. 

And why was this cause so important to them? As able-bodied fencers, they say they decided to dedicate their donation to parafencing because, “Parafencing brings a supportive community for athletes to connect, share experiences, and build friendships. Parafencing is not just a sport; it’s a powerful tool that gives individuals with disabilities the gift of sport, letting them cross physical barriers and realize their true potential.” 

The community of parafencing, they say, is like a family. 

“We admire and respect those of the parafencing community and hope to watch them fence in the 2024 Paris Paralympics!”

The enthusiasm and respect that Shalini, Shivani, and Callie have for the parafencing community is truly heartwarming. Their admiration for these athletes and the sport doesn’t just stop with words, they shared actionable steps that everyone can take to show their support for the parafencing community.

“One piece of advice is to raise awareness by sharing achievements and information about US parafencers to your family and friends as well as social media,” is just the first piece of advice the trio had about supporting USA Parafencing. 

They also said “another good way to support the cause is by making a donation to the USFF, they promote parafencing and help provide resources for fencers with disabilities. These small actions can help people learn about the accomplishments of parafencers and promote interest towards the sport. These small steps can carve the path to a larger movement and make a difference in the lives of parafencers in the U.S.”

To join these young fencers in their mission and make a difference, consider contributing to the USFF. Your donation can help provide essential resources and support for parafencers and other fencers across the United States. Every contribution, big or small, helps build a stronger, more inclusive fencing community. Donate now and be a part of this noble cause.

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