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Athlete Council

The Athlete Council is composed of 9 or 10 athletes - one athlete representative for each weapon and gender (totaling 6), USOC Athlete Advisory Council (AAC) Representative,  USOC AAC Alternate, and one wheelchair Athlete. If a member of the AAC is elected to serve as a member of the USOC AAC Leadership group, that member shall become an ex-officio member of the AAC.

If any athlete has a weapon-specific concern, problem, protest, or question, the athlete should contact their weapon representative which can be found by locating him or her below. Any issues in general should be sent to the Athlete Chair, Katharine Holmes.

Athlete Representative Board of Directors: Daria Schneider and Adam Watson.

Contact the Athlete Council!

You can now contact the Athlete Council directly via email at

Athlete Weapon Contact Information
Ben Bratton Men's Epee
Jason Chang Men's Foil
Katharine Holmes COUNCIL CHAIR, Women's Epee
Gerard Moreno Wheelchair
Nicole Ross Women’s Foil
Jeff Spear Men's Sabre
Kamali Thompson Women's Sabre
Daria Schneider USOC Athlete Advisory Council Representative
Adam Watson USOC Athlete Advisory Council Alternate
Cody Mattern Ex-Officio (USOC Athlete Advisory Council Vice Chair)