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Board Members

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Board of Directors Contact Information Position Term Expires
Ivan Lee OLY Chair 2025 (as Chair); 2026 (as At-Large Director)
David Arias At-Large Director 2024
Peter Burchard At-Large Director 2024
Damien Lehfeldt At-Large Director 2026
Abdel Salem OLY–EGY At-Large Director 2026
Ben Bratton Athlete Director 2024
Lauryn DeLuca PLY Athlete Director 2024
Kat Holmes OLY Athlete Director 2024
Nzingha Prescod OLY Athlete Director 2024
Darryl Jacobs Independent Director 2024
Amanda Nguyen Independent Director 2024
Aimee Rice Independent Director 2024
Emily Bian Treasurer 2024
Donald Alperstein Special Board Member 2024
Mike Joo Special Board Member 2024
Selina Kaing Special Board Member 2024