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Certified Referee Instructors


The Certified Referee Instructor will serve to hold referee seminars, which are the first and arguably the most crucial step in becoming a referee. CRIs will help to identify and train referees at the regional level, with the dual purposes of ensuring the best Regional referee cadre we can produce and shepherding those referees who wish to move on to the National referee cadre.

The CRI is responsible for helping to create the foundation that emerging referees will be building their referee knowledge upon.


Build a stronger base of local and regional referees. Historically, some areas of the country have higher numbers of referees, and more frequent seminar opportunities. The CRI program will ensure that each region has ample representation, with the goal of providing educational opportunities for emerging referees. As more individuals sit through referee seminars and exams, more potential referees are created. While not everyone who participates in the seminar and passes the exam decides to referee, for those that do, it is imperative that they be formally observed to be awarded a rating. As they continue to work, their skills should increase, and they should be encouraged to handle the level of difficulty of higher-level bouts in order to seek higher ratings.

Encourage consistency of officiating among regions. Certified Referee Instructors should strive to maintain a close tie with the national cadre, and referee at national events as often as they are able. This ensures that they stay current with changes to and interpretations of rules and right of way application. When they work as a CRI at a regional or local event, they bring with them the experience of high level national officiating, and the resulting observations help to guide these developing referees. 

With CRIs being present and active at more events each season, there are more opportunities to study developing referees’ abilities, and make recommendations for national event opportunities. 


The Domestic Referee Development Committee is charged with identifying individuals among the cadre who have the experience, desire, and time to commit to serving as a Certified Referee Instructor. 

Criteria to be considered:

1.    A CRI must be current with their own refereeing activity. They must referee at a minimum of one Division 1 NAC or Championship event per season. (The first half of Summer Nationals ie Div 1, Div 1A, Junior, Cadet)
2.    Must be a referee in good standing.
3.    Must have refereed 5 full seasons prior to becoming a CRI
4.    They must be a multi weapon referee with an N1 in two weapons. Must have a minimum of a N2 in any weapon that they are observing in. (Exceptions to be made on a case by case basis, depending on region need. These exceptions are reviewed by the RC as a whole prior to approval)
5.    A CRI must hold a seminar once every two years.
6.    Candidates can request appointment as a CRI by emailing the Vice-Chair of Domestic Referee Development. The vice-chair of Referee Development will approve on a rolling basis.

Responsibilities of Certified Referee Instructors:

1.    Actively Engage: Actively engage at regional events and coordinate with regional event organizers and Head Referees to coordinate observations of referees at local and regional events. Engage with CROs in the region to identify observational opportunities for all referees. Engage with local organizers in the region to address seminar needs.

2.    Provide Feedback: Use the online tool for submitting observations with appropriate and complete feedback. A CRI may recommend a rating upgrade to a maximum of level N2. (Any N2 recommendations will be received by the RC for review prior to awarding.) A CRI must hold a rating at least 1 level above the rating that they are recommending in each weapon. Provide feedback to the RC regarding potential developing referees with ability and desire to work on the national circuit.

3.    Participate in regular CRI/CRO development events as scheduled throughout the season by the RC. These events will be virtual to accommodate schedules and location


Certified Referee Instructors are experienced referees meeting high standards, who are located across the country and are able to give RC-certified refereeing seminars. The content of these seminars ranges from discussion of the rules and their current application, to scenario based discussions of right of way, and the administrative role and responsibilities of the referee. CRIs are available to give seminars across the country. For people who are interested in becoming certified referees, these seminars are a mandatory component of certification. Even if you are not working towards becoming a referee, they are a great opportunity to learn the rules, learn your rights as a fencer, as well as learn about current issues in refereeing. These seminars are open to anyone, including parents. We hope to eventually have a schedule available here of all seminars being held across the country. Many are posted on FRED.

If you are interested in having a seminar in your region, please email in order to contact one of the CRIs listed below.

For more information about CRIs, including the requirements and standards to become a CRI, click here.


Last Name First Name Region Division
Mar Kevin 1 Western Washington
Meehan Justin 1 Western Washington
Delgado Fernando 2 Illinois
Fadel Abbas 2 Wisconsin
Findlay Doug 2 Columbus
Shumate Sean 2 Kentucky
Webster Patrick 2 Michigan
Abdelaziz Abdel 3 New Jersey
Abdelaziz Hisham 3 New Jersey
Brewer Adam 3 New England
Bukantz Jeff 3 New Jersey
Campi- Sapery Lisa 3 New Jersey
Cheney Chris 3 Southern California
Dakova Iana 3 Western Pennsylvania
Elbakry Medhat 3 US
Foster Andrew 3 Metro NYC
Gillman Bruce 3 Hudson- Berkshire
Klinkov Ariana 3 New England
Lilov Vladimir 3 New Jersey
Moss Jon 3 New England
Tucker Matt 3 New England
Astudillo Charles 4 San Diego
Burchard Peter 4 Northern California
Chang Jason 4 Central Florida
Cotton Derek 4 Southern California
Dilworth Greg 4 Colorado
Domashovetz Greg 4 Colorado
Oliver Bill 4 Colorado
Stasinos Mark 4 Utah- Southern Idaho
Badawi Amgad 5 North Texas
Van der Wege Gary 5 South Texas
Ross Michael 5 South Texas
Becker Bill 6 Florida Gateway
Delap Rylan 6 Alabama
Wilson Russ 6 Capitol