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Certified Referee Instructors

Certified Referee Instructors are experienced referees meeting high standards, who are located across the country and are able to give RC-certified refereeing seminars. The content of these seminars ranges from discussion of the rules and their current application, to scenario based discussions of right of way, and the administrative role and responsibilities of the referee. CRIs are available to give seminars across the country. For people who are interested in becoming certified referees, these seminars are a mandatory component of certification. Even if you are not working towards becoming a referee, they are a great opportunity to learn the rules, learn your rights as a fencer, as well as learn about current issues in refereeing. These seminars are open to anyone, including parents. We hope to eventually have a schedule available here of all seminars being held across the country. Many are posted on FRED.

If you are interested in having a seminar in your region, please email in order to contact one of the CRIs listed below.

For more information about CRIs, including the requirements and standards to become a CRI, click here.


Last Name First Name Region Division
Abdelaziz Abdelwahab 3 New Jersey
Astudillo Charles 4 San Diego
Badawi Amgad 5 North Texas
Baker Bradley 3 New England
Becker William 6 Florida Gateway
Benson Jerry 5 Oklahoma
Brewer Adam 3 New England
Bukantz Jeffery 3 New Jersey
Burchard Peter 4 Northern California
Campi-Sapery Lisa 3 New Jersey
Crocket Anne 3 Vermont
Dakova Iana 3 Wester PA
Delap Rylan 6 Alabama
Delgado Fernando 2 Illinois
Dilworth Greg 4 Colorado
Fadel Abbas 2 Wisconsin
Findlay Doug 2 Columbus
Gillman Bruce 3 Hudson-Berkshire
Gioiella Alex 2 Michigan
Klinkov Ariana 3 New England
Lee Ivan 3 Metro NYC
Lilov Vladimir 3 New Jersey
Mahon Mary 6 Gold Coast
Mar Kevin 1 Western Washington
Meehan Justin 1 Western Washington
Moss Jon 3 New England
Nonomura George 4 Northern California
Oliver Bill 4 Colorado
Shumate Sean 2 Kentucky
Sierra David 5 North Texas
Stasinos Mark 4 Utah-Southern Idaho
Van der Wege Gary 5 South Texas
Webster Patrick 2 Michigan
Wilson Russell 6 Capital
Zeljkovic Jelena 3 Philadelphia