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Coach Profile: Buzz Hurst

Coach Profile: Buzz Hurst

Edwin "Buzz" Hurst has been coaching fencing for over 40 years, including time as a college fencing coach. He is also an accreditated Master of Arms.

How did you become interested in fencing? 
I loved the sword fights in movies. I was always interested in learning it if the opportunity presented itself.

What is a tip you give fencers during a competition?
If you don't know your opponent, don't let him tie up your blade. Use distance or blade position or both to keep clear until you are ready to strike or parry.

What is your favorite aspect of coaching? 
Still at the top is having a student who can't get a movement or idea, and I come up with a way to demonstrate and/or explain it and the student gets it. I've been doing this for 43 years and I still haven't lost the sense of exhilaration.


Date Created: March 2019