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Coach Profile: Dan Kellner

Coach Profile: Dan Kellner

Olympian and Hall of Famer Dan Kellner is the owner of Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club. Kellner received the USOC Order of Ikkos for his excellence in coaching and his contribution to the U.S. Men's Foil Team's bronze medal performance at the 2016 Olympic Games.

How did you become interested in fencing? 
When I was 13, I had a video game for my Commodore 64  computer called Summer Games '89 that had a bunch of the Olympic events on it, including fencing. I was pretty bad at the game, but fencing seemed interesting, so I asked my mom about it. She said she knew nothing about fencing, but that my school offered it and I should go see the coach.

How can parents be supportive of their kids in fencing?
Parents should be their child's biggest cheerleader - console them when they're down, and, unless they are their child's coach, leaving the coaching to the coach.

What do you do to get kids interested in fencing? 
Word of mouth works best and making sure the kids have a great intro lesson or first class.


Date Created: April 2019