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Coach Profile: Eric Holmgren

Coach Profile: Eric Holmgren

Eric Holmgren is the coach and owner of Gryphon Fencing and Archery in Placentia, California. One of three USA Fencing clubs that combine these two sports, Holmgren has had students come in for one sport and switch to the other.

How long have you been involved in fencing?
I have been fencing for 30 years and coaching fencing since 1993. I started coaching the fencing club at the University of California at Irvine when the prior coach left.

How did the idea to include archery in the club come about?
I took up archery in 1995 as a fun activity to enjoy the outdoors. When we were looking for another type of activity to offer at the studio, archery was an obvious choice. It teaches discipline and focus, it is safe and it appeals to the imagination.

What do you enjoy about coaching?
What I enjoy about coaching is seeing the student learn and make progress. I particularly like seeing the breakthrough moment when some new idea or concept "clicks" in their mind.


Date Created: March 2018