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Coach Profile: Sergey Danilov

Coach Profile: Sergey Danilov

The cadet national champion in Russia in 1997, Sergey Danilov has now been a fencing coach for 14 years and has coached Team USA's épée fencers at each of the last four Junior and Cadet World Championships. He is currently coaching at Alliance Fencing Academy in Houston, Texas. 

How did you become interested in fencing in the first place?
I was at the age when in Russia there was a very popular movie "D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers" and the same book by Alexander Dumas. I was very inspired by this story. When my first and the only coach came to recruit young people for the local fencing club to my school, I had no doubts whether I should join or not.

What led you into coaching?
Love for the sport. Once I had to make the decision to quit my athletic career, I felt I would enjoy teaching and sharing my experience and developing myself as the coach. Never regretted that moment. The phrase "do what you love and you will never work another day in your life" is about me. While I had to make many different choices in my life, regarding which direction should I move (for example, immigration), I never thought about giving up fencing and I truly enjoy going to the gym every time. 

What tip do you have for strip coaching during a competition?
You as the coach might know more than a fencer ... but put yourself in the position of your student. They are in huge stress and have to overcome it. Find one simple word, one simple phrase which will help your student during the bout, show them support and believe in them and you will succeed as the coach/fencer team.


Date Created: October 2018