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Fencing Specific

Sport Science and Nutrition

  • Sport Science InfoGraphics
    • Yann Le Meur takes peer-reviewed sport science journal papers and condenses the information into a simple to read infographic.
  • Supplement411
    • This site can help you navigate the tricky world of dietary supplements. It is a part of the USADA website.
  • Examine
    • This website is not affiliated with USADA, but it is a fantastic independent resource for evaluating dietary supplements. The evaluators take no funding from supplement companies and provide links and references for a large number of dietary supplements. If you are wondering if a dietary supplement “works” or not, this is a great resource.

Youth Sports Culture

  • Changing the Game Project
    • This website is dedicated to the idea of returning youth sports to the children to make sports a healthy, rewarding and positive experience in every kid’s life.
  • Positive Coaching Alliance
    • The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming youth sports culture so that all athletes have a positive, character-building experience to develop better athletes, better people. The site has resources for parents, coaches, athletes, officials and administrators.
  • TrueSport
    • TrueSport promotes positive youth experiences in sports. It is founded on the experiences and values of USADA and has three cornerstones: sportsmanship, character building and healthy performance.
  • Aspen Project Play
    • The Aspen Institute is a think tank that has included Project Play to promote sport participation. The Project looks at sport as a benefit for the individual from a physical activity standpoint and how kids playing sports has a positive influence on society.
  • iCoachKids
    • iCoachKids is a collaborative, multi-agency project that works across the EU to make sure all youth sport participants have a positive experience led by suitably trained coaches, leading to a lifelong involvement in sport and healthier lives.

Long-Term Athlete Development

  • 2-4-1 Sports
    • 2-4-1 Sports is dedicated to the idea that life is too short for just one sport (get it?). 2-4-1 Sports runs youth sports that promote the idea of multisport development and also the promotion of physical literacy. The blog can give you some ideas on how to implement physical literacy.
  • Sport for Life
    • This Canadian website is one of the best sources of information on long-term athlete development and physical literacy.
  • Canadian Fencing Federation Long-Term Athlete Development 
    • Another Canadian website that deals with long-term athlete development, bit this one is specific to fencing.
  • SpiderFit Kids
    • Spiderfit has a lot of resources targeted toward getting kids moving and developing fundamental movement skills/physical literacy.

Best Coaching Practices

  • USOC Quality Coaching Framework
    • The USOC Quality Coaching Framework provides an overview of the essential principles for providing quality coaching at all levels of sport.
  • 150 Activities for Planning and Delivering in Practice
    • This Canadian website is a collection of practice activities covering games, warm up activities, etc. 
  • Connected Coaches (From Sport Coach UK)
    • This website is from Sport Coach UK. It features blogs and articles on best coaching behaviors. It also has a forum for discussions about coaching issues or to ask for help. It is not a sport specific site so you will run into coaches from across all sports, but they are mainly UK-based.
  • PLAYS at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    • The Performance Lab for the Advancement of Youth in Sport at Queen's University offers research articles and resources on transformational coaching and positive youth sport development.

Doping Control

  • US Anti-Doping Agency
    • The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) website provides information on doping control issues and procedures including the Drug Reference Online, therapeutic exemptions, etc. You can learn about differences between in competition and out of competition testing. Some medications are allowed out of competition but not in competition.
  • Drug Reference Online
    • This site helps you avoid issues with medications and some over the counter or dietary supplements. You can go to this site to see if a medication you are taking is prohibited.

Professional Development

    • SCORE is an organization that offers free small business consulting either for those looking to start a business or needing help in a current business. You can look up a local office. These are often retired executives who want to help other business owners be successful. 


  • USA Fencing Coaching Education Podcast
    • The USA Fencing coaching education podcast will feature interviews with leaders in the fencing world plus experts in specific areas such as transformational coaching and mental skills training.
  • Connected Coaches
    • This is a product of Sport Coach UK. The podcast often relates to a recent blog on the site.
  • Changing The Game Project
    • The podcast offers a wide range of people involved in sports from athletes, coaches, authors, etc.
  • SabreCoachKate
    • Coach Kate Sierra talks fencing and interviews people from the fencing world.

Coach Developers on Twitter

  • Wade Gilbert: @Wadewgilbert
    • Dr. Gilbert is a professor at Fresno State University who studies best practices in coaching.
  • Jean Cote: @jeancote46
    • Dr. Cote is a professor at Queens University in Canada. He studies youth sport and youth development.
  • Yann Le Meur: @YLMsportscience
    • Dr. Le Meur is a sport scientist who does a great job of taking peer-reviewed scientific journal papers and simplifying them into an infographic that conveys the pertinent information.
  • ConnectedCoaches: @connected_coach
    • The folks at Sport Coach UK help spread information about coach development.
  • John Kessel: @JohnKesselUSAV
    • John Kessel is the Director of Sport Development at USA Volleyball and writes a lot about good coaching practices. He will give you links you might not have found on your own.
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA): @PositiveCoachUS
    • PCA is an organization that promotes a positive youth sports experience for all kids.
  • US Anti-Doping Agency: @usantidoping
    • The twitter account for USADA keeps you apprised of changes in doping control rules and other news.
  • Joe Eisenmann: @Joe_Eisenmann
    • Dr. Eisenmann is a coach developer now working for USA Football. He is also a long-term athlete development guy.

Online Open Access Journals

The following links are to peer-reviewed scientific journals that provide free articles. Some of the journals offer limited open access articles.

TED Talks/Interviews