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USA Fencing Representative to NGB Council and USOPC Assembly
Phil Andrews, Chief Executive Officer
Athlete Advisory Group
Staff Liaison: Kate Reisinger
Board Liaison: Kat Holmes OLY
Council Membership: Kat Holmes OLY (Chair)
Lauryn Deluca PLY (Vice Chair) Jake Hoyle OLY, Jackie Dubrovich OLY, Gerek Meinhardt OLY, Francesca Russo OLY, Khailil Thompson OLY, Rick Swauger.
USOPC Athlete Advisory Council Representative 
Kat Holmes OLY
Alternate: Lauryn DeLuca PLY
USA Fencing's Board of Directors is vested with the full powers and responsibility for the oversight, strategic direction, and policies of USA Fencing. The Board promotes the interests of USA Fencing members by providing guidance and strategic direction to the National Office and to the Committees of the Board.
We invite you to meet the current board members.
Groups and Individuals appointed by the board as special advisory groups or roles to the USA Fencing Board of Directors and senior leadership.

Legal Resource Group
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Donald Alperstein, Vic Bianchini, Thomas Hanahan, Sada Jacobsen, Julio Mazzoli, Emil Pehlivanov, Roger Pierro, Raymond Snytsheuvel, Rick Torres, Amy Bianchini, Lewis Siegal, Samuel Lillard, Paul Levy, David Eldridge, Samuel Cheris and Paul Lewis.
FenceSafe Review Group
Donald Alperstein, Lorrie Marcil Holmes
Athlete Rep: Nzingha Prescod OLY
Secretary to USA Fencing Board of Directors
Christina Pachuta
Peter Barton
Audit Committee
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Requirements: (4) Members Chosen by the Board of Directors and (2) Athletes.
Term: 2022-2023
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: Aimee Rice
Staff Liaison: Tabitha Chamberlin
Membership: Abdel Salem OLY, Maria Panyi, Lauryn Deluca PLY (Athlete), and Adam Watson (Athlete)
Budget Committee
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Requirements: Treasurer, A member Chosen by the Board of Directors, (1) Athlete.
Term: 2022-2023
Chair: Sam Cheris
Board Liaison: David Arias
Staff Liaison: Tabitha Chamberlin
Membership: Sam Cheris (Chair), Nzingha Prescod OLY, Jake Hoyle OLY (Athlete)
Election Committee
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Requirements: 4 Members selected by the Board of Directors, (2) Athletes selected by the Athletes Council.
Term: 2022-2023
Chair: Susan Belanich
Board Liaison: Darryl Jacobs
Staff Liaison: Phil Andrews                                                                  
Membership: Susan Belanich, David Hitchcock, April Alford, Eli Dershwitz OLY, Anna Van Brummen OLY (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Nominating Committee                           
Requirements: (2) Athletes in Staggered 2-year terms,  (1) appointed current or past Independent Director, (1) active Official, (1) Coach, and (1) past President or Chair of USFA in staggered 2-year terms.
Board Liaison: Kat Holmes OLY
Staff Liaison: Phil Andrews
Membership: Sam Cheris, Molly Hill, Terrance Lasker, VACANT, Kat Holmes OLY, and Jackie Dubrovich OLY (Athlete)
Ethics Committee                                                              
Requirements: (4) Members appointed by the board in staggered terms, (2) Athletes in staggered terms.
Chair: Rick Torres                                                                                          
Board Liaison: Darryl Jacobs                                                                        
Staff Liaison: Christina Pachuta
Membership: Rick Torres, Laura Johnson, Valerie Asher, VACANT, Maya Lawrence OLY (Athlete), Ben Bratton (Athlete)
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee
Requirements: (3) Members appointed by the board, (1) appointed by the remaining DEIB Committee, and (2) Athletes.
Board Liaison: Darryl Jacobs                                                                    
Staff Liaison: Shannon Jolly                                                                       
Referee Commission Liaison: Tasha Martin                                     
Membership: Alice Dungey, Nicholas Harvey, Joe Leonard, Dawn Wilson, Nzingha Prescod OLY (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete)
Referee Commission
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Requirements: Chair and Vice-Chairs of Domestic Development Rules, International Development, and Assignment, Domestic Development and Ombudsman, In addition to (3) Athlete representatives.
Chair: Tasha Martin
Board Liaison: Donald Alperstein                                                                 
Staff Liaison: Glen Hollingsworth                                                     
Membership: Tasha Martin (Chair), Kelly Koehler (Vice Chair), Patrick Webster (Vice Chair), Bradley Baker (Vice Chair), Sean Shumate (Vice Chair) Sue Borgos (Referee Ombudsman) Kat Holmes OLY (Athlete), Alex Massialas OLY (Athlete), Rick Swauger (Athlete)
International Relations Commission                                                                
Co-Chairs: Don Anthony Jr, Rita Comes                                                      
Board Liaison: Sam Cheris                                                                              
Staff Liaison: Phil Andrews
Membership: Rita Comes (Co-Chair), Don Anthony Jr (Co-Chair), Sam Cheris, Kelly Koehler, Alex Massialas OLY (Athlete), Nicole Ross  (Athlete)
ExOfficio Members: Jeremy Summers, Carl Borack, Iana Dakova, Ted Li, Lorrie Marcil, Greg Massialas, Donald Alperstein, Jennifer Yamin
The Electronic Signaling Equipment and Installations Commission (US SEMI)
Chair: Kathy Walters
Board Liaison: Donald Alpertstein
Staff Liaison: Michael Aiken
Membership: Kathy Walters (Chair), Ron Herman, David Blake, Ted Li, Joseph Moore, Alice Kee, Irene Edgerton, Al Merritt, Liz Morey, Brian Rosen, Leo Curtis (Athlete), and Jonathan Yergler (Athlete).
Hall of Fame Committee
Chair: Steve Mormando
Board Liaison: Peter Burchard
Staff Liaison: Jill Grotzinger
Membership: Damien Lehfeldt, Justin Tausig, Nikki Franke, Donna Stone, Cassandra Bates (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Tournament Committee
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Chair: Brandon Rochelle
Board Liaison: Peter Burchard
Staff Liaison: Glen Hollingsworth
Membership: Brandon Rochelle (Chair), David Blake, Meredith Delgado, Maggie Dull, Dan Berke, Alan Geller, Nathan Anderson, Adam Rodney (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Veterans Committee
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Chair: Valerie Asher
Board Liaison: Abdel Salem OLY (Egypt)
Staff Liaison: Phil Andrews
Membership: Valerie Asher (Chair), Bill Walker, Vic Bianchini, David Hitchcock, Chuck Alexander, Creston Bailey, Kate Sierra, Jude Offerle (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete)
Ex-Officio: Rita Comes
Club & Member Services Resource Team
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Board Liaison: David Arias
Staff Liaison: Brad Suchorski
Membership: Vickie Miller, Noah Gistover, Jennifer Seachrist, Kathy Vail, Geoffrey Loss (Athlete), and Isis Washington OLY (Athlete).
Division Resource Team
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Board Liaison: Donald Alperstein
Staff Liaison: Brad Suchorski
Membership: Dan Berke, Shanna Davis, Dennis Kolakowski, Jennifer Nollner, Brenda Waddoups, Rich Weiss, Lewis Weiss (Athlete), Rebecca Chimahusky (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Marketing & Communications Resource Team
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Board Liaison: Darryl Jacobs
Staff Liaison: Bryan Wendell
Membership: Michael Malecki, Adeline Chung-Feder, Jeremy Marquez, VACANT (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Paralympic Development Resource Team
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Board Liaison: Abdel Salem OLY (Egypt)
Staff Liaison: Cat Bouwkamp PLY
Membership: Sean Shumate PLY, Gary Van Der Wege, Bill Nikolai, Jeff Salmon, Harrison Hue, Christina Massialas-Vaka, Patricia Dykes, Ellen Geddes PLY (Athlete), Scott Rodgers PLY (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Ex-Officio: Julio Diaz
FenceSafe Resource Team
Board Liaison: Donald Alperstein
Staff Liaison: Christina Pachuta
Membership: Cathleen Randall, Sarah Kaufman, Noah Gistover, Rich Weiss, Nicole Polanichka, Vickie Miller, VACANT (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete).
Ex-Officio: Sam Cheris
Sports Medicine Resource Team
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Board Liaison: Kat Holmes OLY
Staff Liaison: Dr. Peggy Chin
Membership: Adam Thompson, Kelcie Whitmann, Lee Kiefer OLY (Athlete), and  Kamali Thompson OLY (Athlete.)
Sports Performance Resource Team 
Board Liaison: Lorrie Marcil Holmes
Staff Liaison: Kate Reisinger
Membership: Sam Cheris, Kelly Koehler, Terrance Lasker, Natalie Dostert, Daria Schneider, Keeth Smart OLY (Athlete), Maya Lawrence OLY (Athlete), VACANT (Athlete)
Youth Development Resource Team
Board Liaison: Lorrie Marcia Holmes
Staff Liaison: Dr Suzie Riewald
Membership: Ina Hartzanova, Simon Pitfield, Jennie Salmon, Kathy Vail, Adam Watson (Athlete), and Adam Maczik (Athlete.)
Please note: compliance for all committees is still being finalized.