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Send an E-Blast to the USA Fencing Community

Want to reach the USA Fencing community with your message? Send an e-blast! 

An e-blast — or targeted email containing must-know fencing news — comes in a number of varieties:

  • Club camps and clinics (if club is a USA Fencing member)
    • Our 2023 Summer Camp e-blasts begin in March. See the calendar below, and click the link to the form if you'd like to have your camp included.
    • New This Year: Camp Page on This year, we'll also include your camp ad on a special page on our website for the duration of your campaign. For example, if you purchase five e-blasts to run from March 3 to April 28, your camp ad will appear on our page during that full span.

  • Regional tournaments sanctioned by USA Fencing
    • Tournament organizers get one free e-blast (if they use the form linked below). Additional e-blasts are billed at the rates outlined below.
  • Division e-blasts (must be requested by a division officer)
    • Division officers may send four free e-blasts a year, provided they use the form linked below. Additional e-blasts are billed at the rates outlined below. (Find your division here.)
  • Referee clinics (the sole purpose of which is to meet the requirements and teach the three weapon content to meet one of the qualifying steps in certifying referees)
    • Referee clinic e-blasts are sent at no cost, provided the submitter uses the form linked below.
  • E-blasts from USA Fencing vendors or others looking to promote a company, camp, tournament or club
    • See rates below.

USA Fencing E-Blast Request Form

Click the link to submit an e-blast request of any kind!

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