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International Travel FAQs

Tournament Questions

What are the EFC and FIE?

The European Fencing Confederation (EFC) hosts the cadet international circuit. The International Fencing Federation (FIE) hosts the junior and senior international circuit.

Do I register myself through the EFC or FIE or does USA Fencing do it for me?

USA Fencing will register all selected athletes on the respective websites. Athletes are required to check in and confirm their registration at their event.

How can I find information about the tournament?

Cadet tournament invitations on the EFC website:

Junior and senior tournament invitations on the FIE website:

Squad managers will send out for logistical information following the selection email.

Should my coach be traveling with me?

USA Fencing provides a designated coach for each squad for each international tournament.

It is a personal choice if you wish to send your personal coach with you. 

What is the difference between a World Cup and the World Championships?

World Cups are open for registration and selections are based off of rankings. 

World Championships are not open for registration and fencers are selected based off of the final team rankings for that season. 

How long are tournaments?

At the cadet and junior level, tournaments typically run Saturday and Sunday. Individual is usually on the first day and team is the second. This may vary depending on the tournament and if both men and women are competing together. Review the tournament invitation for exact dates. 

Do I need to have USA and my last name stenciled on my lame and USA patch on my knickers?

Yes. All athletes competing at the International level must follow FIE and EFC regulations, which include name and country on the lame and the USA logo patch on your knickers.

Starting in the 2022-23 season, only the wavy USA flag mask design will be accepted by the FIE. 

What if a visa is required for entry?

Your squad manager will apply for a visa invitation letter on your behalf. Detailed visa application instructions will be sent to all those selected.  

What type of money should I bring?

Bring Euros with you, as well as the local currency. Credit cards are not always accepted. Euros are required for tournament entry payments, if in cash. 

When should I leave?

Depart the USA on either a Wednesday or Thursday to ensure enough time for travel in case of delays and to get acclimated to the time zone. Please check tournament invitation to ensure dates align with event days. 

How can I check live results?

Please check USA Fencing's Facebook account for live results for each individual tournament. 

Live results websites include: 

Live results may also be found through the FIE and EFC websites.

Registration Questions

How do I know which international tournaments to register for/will earn points for?

Designated international tournaments are marked on the international calendar:

How do I register for an international event?

Registration for all tournaments (domestic and international) is through the USA Fencing Tournament Database

Once signed into your profile,  you can search for tournaments using the 'Events' button on the top toolbar. Within the tournament browser, click on the International tab. Then select filters that apply.

What fees are associated with registering?

  • Cadet and Junior Designated Events: $250 squad fee. This fee covers expenses for the required referees and a designated coach. This fee is only refundable if a fencer withdraws due to injury or illness.
  • Late Entry Fee: $255. This fee is refundable if the fencer is not selected. 

Do I get a refund if I am not selected?

Yes. Squad fees are refunded if the athlete is not selected or needs to withdraw within the deadline time frame.

Am I required to be Covid-19 vaccinated for international events?

USA Fencing policy states that all athletes competing in international events must have a current vacciantion or have an approved exemption in order to be selected for an event.

Is a team registration different than individual? 

Individual registration is for the individual event. Team registration is for the team event. In order to be selected for the team event, you must register for both the individual and team events. 

When are selections made?

Selections are made the day after the regular entry deadline. The regular entry deadline is listed on the registration page and the international calendar.

How are selections made?

Selections for designated and non-designated events occur the day after the regular entry deadline (see international calendar). All fencers will be notified of selections via email. Maximum entries:

  • Designated Cadet International Events: 20 fencers
  • Designated Junior World Cups: 12 fencers (4 for team)
  • Designated Senior World Cups and Grand Prix Events: 12 fencers (4 for team)
  • Senior World Cup in the USA: 30 fencers (4 for team)
  • Senior Grand Prix in the USA: 20 fencers
  • Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships: 4 fencers in each weapon category
  • Non-Designated Cadet International event, Junior World Cup, Senior Satellite Event: 4 fencers (no team events)

I am not ranked in the top 20 (cadets) or top 12 (juniors, seniors), can I still register?

Yes! We select the the top 20/12 fencers who register (based on 4.2.1 of the Athlete Handbook).

How do I withdraw?

All withdrawals need to be submitted by email  to 

An injury withdrawal requires a doctors note. If no medical verification is provided, the FIE will fine USA Fencing, which will be passed along to the athlete. Fines are 250-500 euros, depending on the timing.

What does it mean if I am on the waitlist?

After the regular entry deadline and prior to the late entry deadline, all waitlisted fencers who registered by the regular entry deadline will be placed on the waitlist in rank order.

Following the late entry deadline, all remaining fencers (regular and late entry) will be placed on the waitlist in rank order.

If a vacancy becomes available, the first alternate person will be notified by email. The notified athlete must reply within 24 hours of the time of the email sent. If no reply is received by email, the next alternate will be notified.

How are teams selected?

Junior: Generally the top four ranked fencers registered for the team event at time of selection are selected for team. However, the national coach has discretion to select alternate fencers with approval from the USA Fencing Sports Performance Department. 

Cadet: Depending on the amount of teams each country is eligible to be entered (noted on the invitation), those who are registered for team will be put on a team according to rankings at time of selection. Example: Athletes No. 1-4 on Team 1, 5-8 on Team 2, etc. 

Junior Team Travel Grant

A $500 travel grant is issued for those selected and who stay to compete in the team event for all junior events. 

You will need to submit an expense form with your flight receipt after your return. The International Expense Form can be found at

Points Questions

What is the difference between a designated and non-designated event?

For cadets and juniors there are 20+ events each season. Once the calendar is finalized, the national coach for each weapon and the Sports Performance department will select events as "designated."  These are events in which fencers can earn USA Fencing points and have support with a designated Team USA coach.

Can I earn points at a non-designated event?

No, USA Fencing points cannot be earned at a non-designated event. USA Fencing points can only be earned at designated events. EFC or FIE points, however, can be earned at non-designated events.

What is the difference between rolling and team points?

Team Points: Each season starts a new Team Point Rankings. The only competitions considered for team point rankings are those listed in the selection criteria.

Rolling Points: Continuous points. Current season event points replace previous season event points. The Athlete Handbook notes which event replaces which. Example: The 2019 December NAC replaces the 2018 December NAC.

Where can I find which points are used for event selection?

The international calendar designates which points are used for each event. The international calendar can be found at

SafeSport Questions

Can a minor fencer share a room with his/her coach? 

NO. As it relates to sleeping accommodations, adults, including adult fencers, may NOT share a hotel room or other sleeping quarters with an unrelated minor athlete.

Who must meet the SafeSport requirements of completing the online SafeSport course and background screen for international events that I’ll be a part of?

The following adults at USA Fencing or any of its divisions or member clubs shall complete training concerning child abuse prevention:

  • Adult members at USA Fencing or any of its divisions or member clubs who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors to include any volunteer, coach, instructor, referee, administrator, trainer or medical personnel (excluding those who only have incidental and observable contact with athletes at practices and events)
  • An adult authorized by USA Fencing or any of its divisions or member clubs to have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor
  • Adult staff and board members of USA Fencing or any of its divisions or member clubs.

This includes any adult fencers who are traveling on a team with minor fencers as they will have regular contact with the minors during the trip.

I’m an 18-year-old fencer and I know there will be fencers younger than 18 traveling on the team. What do I need to do to complete the SafeSport requirements?

Great question. Your membership profile will be upgraded to +CheckEd by USA Fencing to give you access to the training and background screen. 

To complete the SafeSport Training:

  1. Log in to your USA Fencing profile at
  2. Under “My Membership” on the right-hand side, click on the link "visit our Safe Sport page to watch the online training"
  3. Link will take you directly to the SafeSport course website where you can complete the course. Course completion will be automatically uploaded into your member profile. All three modules must be completed to satisfy the Safe Sport Training requirement. The three modules include emotional and physical misconduct, mandatory reporting and sexual misconduct awareness education. If you completed this course last year, you are able to take the Refresher Course that will be available in your member profile.

To complete the background screen (if you don’t have a current screen on file):

  1. Log in to your USA Fencing profile
  2. Under “My Membership”  on the right-hand side, click on the link "Start your Background Screen"
  3. The link will take you directly to the NCSI website where you will complete the screening information
  4. When the screen is complete (typically 3-10 working days), "Green Light" screens will report directly back to your profile with an expiration date.  (Note: a “Red Light” screen could be a function of not having submitted all the required documents so be sure to complete the entire application)

Does the Travel Policy have relevance for me?

YES, be sure to take a look through the details of the policy. During travel, athletes may be away from their families and support networks, and the setting is less structured and less familiar. Athletes may be more vulnerable to abuse or misconduct during travel, particularly overnight stays. The Travel Policy provides guidelines so that care is taken to ensure the athlete is safe and supported and to minimize one-on-one interactions between minors and adults while traveling.  

As an athlete, what can I do (or NOT DO) to help create a safe, supportive environment?

  • DO     Show respect to teammates, competitors, officials and coaches
  • DO     Abide by the Code of Conduct                
  • DO     Have an awareness and understanding of SafeSport
  • DO     Refrain from all forms of misconduct
  • DO     Respect Boundaries of Others and Set my own boundaries
  • DO     SPEAK UP if something doesn’t feel right; look right
  • DO     Adhere to ‘Rule of Three” (limit one-on-one interactions)
  • DO     Abide by Medical Treatment Policy
  • DO     Keep social media positive.  Before posting, ask yourself “would I want my parent to read this?”             
  • DO     Adhere to TAP with electronic communication: Transparent, accessible, professional     
  • DO NOT     Share a room with a coach or athlete of other gender
  • DO NOT     Have one-on-one meetings in a closed room; use open, public space
  • DO NOT     Degrade, demean, use derogatory language anywhere

For more information about the USA Fencing Safe Sport Policy, visit