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USA Fencing Nominating Committee Seeking Candidates for Three At-Large Directors

12/01/2022, 7:00am CST
By Bryan Wendell

The nomination period will be open until Dec. 21, 2022. After that process concludes, all USA Fencing members will be invited to cast their vote in the election next May and choose three individuals to be elected to the USA Fencing Board of Directors.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The USA Fencing Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for three at-large director positions on the USA Fencing Board of Directors.

Anyone who is a current USA Fencing member is eligible to be nominated for this vital volunteer position on our Board. 

To nominate yourself or someone you deem worthy, simply follow the instructions below. All applications are welcome and will be considered — provided they are received by the deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022. 

Once the nominating window closes, the Nominating Committee — chaired by Kat Holmes OLY — will review the applicants and advance those who are qualified to the general election.

The USA Fencing Nominating Committee will be particularly seeking individuals who have prior board experience (inside or outside of the sport), or have held senior leadership positions in business, who preferably have expertise in finance, education, fundraising, strategic planning, or another knowledge gap of the USA Fencing board, who have an ability to collaborate and work well with fellow board members, who has the vision and ability to lead and inspire USA Fencing to move forward in a positive strategic direction, and who understand the difference between governance and operations.

The final list of candidates will be announced on the USA Fencing website early next year. 

Then, in May 2023, all USA Fencing members who are 18 or older and in good standing as of Feb. 1, 2023, will be eligible to cast their vote for these at-large directors in the 2023 USA Fencing Election

As with the last election for at-large directors, held in 2021, this will be a ranked-choice election. If, for example, there are 10 candidates, voters will be asked to rank these candidates from 1 to 10. Voters may choose to rank as few or as many candidates as they wish. Those rankings will be assigned points (10 points for first, 9 points for second, etc.). The three candidates with the most points will be elected.

Election results will be announced shortly after voting closes, and the at-large directors will serve three-year terms that begin Sept. 1, 2023.

As we look ahead to the election in 2023, we also want to thank those at-large directors whose terms are ending in 2023: Donald Alperstein, Lorrie Marcil Holmes and Abdel Salem OLY. Thank you for your commitment and service to USA Fencing!

Why Three-Year Terms?

USA Fencing is transitioning the term length for at-large directors to four years from two.

The election in 2023 is part of that phased transition. According to the USA Fencing Bylaws (section 7.21), the three directors elected in 2023 will serve three-year terms that expire in 2026. 

After 2023, the term for at-large directors will extend to four years (per section 7.6.c). That means the two at-large directors elected in 2024 will serve until 2028, the three at-large directors elected in 2026 will serve until 2030, and so on.

That procedure will continue in the years beyond. Two at-large directors will be elected in year two of each Quadrennium, and three at-large directors will be elected in year four of the Quadrennium.

How Do I Nominate Someone (or Myself)?

All USA Fencing members are invited to apply for the at-large director positions and/or suggest potential candidates for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

All applications are welcome and will be considered. Applicants with a background/expertise in education, financial services, marketing, fundraising, development, DEIB and innovation would be especially strong candidates.

To nominate someone (or yourself), follow the process outlined here.

Good luck, thanks in advance for your nominations and don’t forget the deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022.

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