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Team USA Saber Squads Impress in Padua and Athens as Olympic Countdown Continues

03/04/2024, 12:45am CST
By Bryan Wendell

The Team USA Men’s Saber squad earned a pair of medals this weekend in Padua, Italy, building momentum toward the Paris Olympics.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Team USA Men’s Saber squad earned a pair of medals this weekend in Padua, Italy, returning with an individual gold medal for Colin Heathcock — the second of his career, with both coming in the last three tournaments — and a team silver.

The results add to the excitement as the countdown to the Paris Olympics continues.

Men’s Saber: Two Medals in Padua

In Padua, the spotlight was on Heathcock, the young fencing phenom who clinched the gold medal at the 2024 Trofeo Luxardo Men's Saber World Cup. This victory marks Heathcock's second gold in the last three FIE senior tournaments, mirroring his success at the Tunis Grand Prix earlier in January. At just 18 years old, Heathcock's artistry on the strip has become a beacon of excellence for Team USA.

Eli Dershwitz OLY also delivered an impressive performance, finishing in 5th place, while Will Morrill made his mark with a first career senior Top 32 finish. 

A day later, the Men's Saber team, including Heathcock, Filip Dolegiewicz, Mitchell Saron and Dershwitz, secured a silver medal in the team event, continuing their medal streak in every tournament of the Olympic qualifying cycle.

Women’s Saber: Herculean Performances in Greece

In Athens, the cradle of the Olympic Games, Team USA's Women's Saber fencers took to the strip with determination. Magda Skarbonkiewicz led the charge with a commendable Top 16 finish, followed closely by Elizabeth Tartakovsky and Maia Chamberlain, who both advanced to the Top 32. 

Looking Ahead

As the Olympic flame draws nearer, Team USA Fencing's successes in Padua and Athens will give fencers, coaches and fans hope for what’s to come.

Next Up

  • Women’s Saber: St. Niklaas (Belgium) World Cup (individual and team events): March 15-17

  • Men’s Saber: Budapest World Cup (individual and team events): March 22–24

Full Results

Men’s Saber — Team: Silver (Eli Dershwitz OLY, Filip Dolegiewicz, Colin Heathcock, Mitchell Saron)

Men’s Saber — Individual Results

Gold: Colin Heathcock

5th: Eli Dershwitz OLY

29th: William Morrill

38th: Daryl Homer OLY

41st: Mitchell Saron

42nd: Khalil Thompson OLY

65th: Filip Dolegiewicz

111th: Ben Avram

114th: Cody Walter Ji

150th: Andrew Doddo

151st: Grant Williams

180th: Andrew Mackiewicz OLY

Women’s Saber — Team: 8th (Nora Burke, Maia Chamberlain, Magda Skarbonkiewicz, Elizabeth Tartakovsky)

Women’s Saber — Individual Results

11th: Magda Skarbonkiewicz

19th: Elizabeth Tartakovsky

26th: Maia Chamberlain

50th: Siobhan Sullivan

57th: Tatiana Nazlymov

72nd: Nora Burke

79th: Kara Linder

101st: Vivian Lu

106th: Lola Possick

115th: Atara Greenbaum

115th: Alexandra Lee

119th: Vera Kong

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