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USA Fencing Ratings Awarded

The new year meant new and renewed ratings in January for 613 fencers who earned their 2019 ratings.

Two hundred seventy-four epee fencers earned 2019 ratings, followed by 247 foil fencers and 95 saber fencers.

Ratings for 2019 were awarded as follows:

  • A19: 128
  • B19: 72
  • C19: 105
  • D19: 141
  • E19: 170

One hundred and 20 fencers 2019 ratings were issued at the January North American Cup in Charlotte, N.C. across the Division I and junior events with Olympians Sada Baby (Atlanta, Ga.), Miles Chamley-Watson (New York City, N.Y.) and Aleksandra Shelton (Portland, Ore.) each renewing As.

Two fencers earned 2019 ratings in multiple weapons.

Seventeen-year-old Lance Fortner (Westlake Village, Calif.) renewed his C in both foil and epee at SoCal Scholastic Fencing League tournaments in January.

Formerly a D18 in foil, 33-year-old Erica Wiley (Vallejo, Calif.) earned her first C in the weapon a the tfc WinterFest Div IA ROC and picked up her first foil rating with an E19 at a Bay Cup tournament.

Fencers Club continues to lead all USA Fencing clubs with 48 athletes earning or renewing ratings in 2018-19, followed by Alliance Fencing Academy at 43 and Denver Fencing Center at 38. 

*Athletes will only be listed as affiliated with current USA Fencing member Clubs as of  February 1, 2019.

Leading Clubs

Club Ratings
Fencers Club 48
Alliance Fencing Academy 43
Denver Fencing Center 38
LA International Fencing Center 31
Olympic Fencers Club 29
Fencing Academy of Westchester 28
Massialas Foundation 27
Salle Mauro Fencing Academy 26
Olympia Fencing Center 26
Medeo Fencing Club 25
Battle Born Fencing Club 25

USA Fencing is pleased to recognize USA Fencing members who earn or renew their USA Fencing rating each month.

Recognition will be based on the month in which the rating earned is posted by the USA Fencing National Office.

Interested in a commemorative Certificate celebrating your achievement ?  Click HERE for more information.

View all athletes who have earned or renewed a rating during 2018-19 »

USA Fencing Recognizes Athletes Who Earned Ratings in January

Ratings will only be awarded if the following requirements are met:

  1. Ratings are only awarded at sanctioned USA Fencing tournaments or at recognized high school competitions.
  2. Once a local tournament concludes, the tournament director is required to submit final results and a referee report to the National Office.
  3. USA Fencing verifies 100 percent membership of the tournament entrants. Any competitor who does not have an eligible membership must renew at the appropriate membership category.
  4. All referees must have appropriate membership with current background check and SafeSport training.
  5. Division officers must sign the classification change report in order for the results to be verified.

USA Fencing makes every effort to publish earned ratings at the earliest possible time but all requirements must be met for this to occur.

Please note: AskFred is not affiliated with USA Fencing and any ratings assigned on AskFred are not considered official until the USA Fencing National Office has been able to verify results and tournament protocols.

Before contacting USA Fencing, it is advisable to contact the tournament director first to insure the results have been submitted.  Generally, tournaments can be closed out within five days following the last day of competition, but the process may take up to three weeks.