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Iana Dakova

Name: Iana Dakova
Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date of birth: Dec 11.1967
Occupation: Coach
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Do you coach? Yes
When did you start fencing? 1979
What weapon did you fence? Foil
Who was a major influence on your fencing career? All my coaches and mentors for the last 40 years
What fencing club did you represent? Slavia, Sofia
What do you consider as your greatest fencing accomplishment? Bulgarian National individual and team champion, Team Balkan champion.
Did you fence in college? Yes
Do you still fence? No
When did you begin to referee? 1993
Why do you continue to referee? Because it is a way to continue to enjoy the sport
Who was the major influence on your officiating career? Violeta Katerinska, George Kolombatovich
What are your thoughts regarding the role of the referee? The referee is one of the main figures of the sport - competent, consistent and professional refereeing allows the fencers and coaches to continue to develop and elevate our sport.