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Kelly Koehler

Name: Kelly Koehler
Place of birth: San Rafael, CA
Date of birth: 1977
Occupation: Geologist
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Do you coach? No
When did you start fencing? 1996
What weapon did you fence? Foil
Who was a major influence on your fencing career? Peter Burchard, Derek Cotton, Ed Richards, Cole Harkness
What fencing club did you represent? Halberstadt FC
What do you consider as your greatest fencing accomplishment? Refereeing the gold medal match of women's team foil at World Championships
Did you fence in college? No
Do you still fence? No
When did you begin to referee? 2004
Why do you continue to referee? This is fun for me
Who was the major influence on your officiating career? Derek Cotton
What are your thoughts regarding the role of the referee? The best referee has the trust of the athletes to be honest, consistent, and correct in any bout.