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Patrick Webster

Name: Patrick Webster
Hometown: Davisburg, Michigan
Year of Birth: 1971
Occupation: Automotive Engineer
Hometown: Clinton Township, MI
Do you coach? Yes
When did you start fencing? 1996
What weapon did you fence? Foil
Who was a major influence on your fencing career? Maestro Leonid Shapiro (my coach, my friend)
What fencing club did you represent? Renaissance Fencing Club
What do you consider as your greatest fencing accomplishment? My refereeing career and teaching others
Did you fence in college? No
Do you still fence? Yes
When did you begin to referee? 2000
Why do you continue to referee? I enjoy the sense of community fencing brings and enjoy watching others grow and excel
Who was the major influence on your officiating career? Sharon Everson
What are your thoughts regarding the role of the referee? The officials of USA Fencing are the unsung heroes of our sport by design. The best referee is the one who executes their job with integrity and ability. They can demonstrate compassion and empathy for all perspectives of a bout and yet not be influenced by anything other than proper application of rules and interpretations of actions. In the end the referee may not even be remembered as there is no doubt between competitors the outcome is the result of ability alone.