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Coach Profile: Cody Mattern

This month we profile Olympian Cody Mattern, who is now coaching at the Northwest Fencing Center in Portland, Oregon.

How did you become interested in fencing?
A debate with my brother on a road trip vacation on who would win a fight between a musketeer and a samurai!

How did you become interested in coaching?
I have always loved the sport of fencing and enjoy making positive changes in my environment. There is something so special about empowering others, and there are so many ways as a fencing coach to do that and make positive impacts!

What do you do to get kids interested in fencing?
Step 1: "Hey kid, do you like fun? Great, me too, you should really try fencing."

Step 2: Teach with energy, show your passion, keep it fun, have consistent standards, keep feedback positive or actionable!


Date Created: February 2019