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Ineligible and Suspended List

Unless otherwise noted, all banned or suspended individuals below are prohibited from participating, in any capacity, in any event, program, activity, or competition authorized by, organized by, or under the auspices of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), the National Governing Bodies recognized by the USOPC, a Local Affiliated Organization as defined by the Code, any High Performance Management Organization (HPMO), or at a facility under the jurisdiction of the same.

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List of Individuals Ineligible for / Banned from Membership with USA Fencing

Name State Date of Dec. Add. Info.
Nitai Kfir NY 12/13/2011 Banned
Gustavo Ducuing CA 8/1/2012 Banned
John Tejada CT 4/17/2013 Banned
Adrian Colcisca AR 6/30/2017 Banned
Daniel Brown SC 2/6/2018 Banned
Brian Koby IN 2/20/2018 Banned
Daniel Berliner FL 4/2/2018 Banned
Jonathan Tablas-Ramirez (aka Jonathan Brundage) MD 9/18/2018 Former member ineligible for membership
Joseph Pipkin NC 11/19/2018 Banned
John Proctor PA 9/17/2019 Former member ineligible for membership
Jack Mullarkey MA 5/5/2020 Former member ineligible for membership
Ra’ad Rabieh CA 8/16/2021 Banned
Rob Piraino TN 9/23/2021 Banned
Matthew Hite TX 12/13/2021 Banned
Oscar Vargas FL 1/12/2022 Banned
Dan Graham VA 9/16/2022 Ineligible for membership. The individual is additionally prohibited from attendance at any USA Fencing sanctioned event, meeting, or otherwise sanctioned activity.
Alen Hadzic NY 6/20/2023 Permanently ineligible
Mauro Hamza TX 11/7/2023 Permanently ineligible
Luis Dealba-Yount CA/UT 2/28/24 Permanently ineligible

List of Individuals / Organizations Under Temporary Suspension of Duties and / or Temporary Ineligible of Membership with USA Fencing

Name State Date of Dec. Add. Info.
Bruce Sikes MO 4/20/2017 Membership suspended until 4/20/2022, or until conditions are met, whichever is later.
Rick and Laura Kirk, Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center, Northwest Arkansas Fencing Foundation AR 7/31/2017 Ineligible for membership. Eligible for admittance or readmittance after one year following satisfaction of certain conditions, which has not yet occurred.
Boris Vaksman NY 10/27/2020 Suspended through 7/31/2022. Conditions must be met prior to reinstatement, including education, community service and a letter of apology.
Alexandre Ryjik VA 12/9/2020 Suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.
Boris Vaksman NY 9/8/2022 Suspended through 9/8/2023. Conditions must be met prior to reinstatement, including multiple college-level education courses at individual’s expense.
Zach Cheris CO 4/16/2023 Former member prohibited from obtaining a membership until July 2024. Option to obtain membership sooner with completion of education requirements.
Jacob Rosenberg NJ & NC 12/1/23 Former member ineligble for membership
Ivan Lee NY 2/29/24 Temporarily Suspended pending the outcome of a SafeSport investigation
James Hotti CA 6/25/24 Temporarily Suspended pending the outcome of a SafeSport investigation

Temporary Suspension/Ban Due ot SafeSport Allegations

Please note that USA Fencing routinely imposes temporary measures in cases in which the center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction.  Ultimately, the Center is responsible for adjudication of underlying allegations and the imposition of temporary measures by USA Fencing is not based on any determination of guilt or innocence, which determination can be made only by the Center.  In addition, USA Fencing routinely imposes administrative holds on applications for membership by individuals over whom the Center for SafeSport may exercise jurisdiction in the future with respect to an individual who may elect to participate in the Olympic movement but is not presently subject to the Center's jurisdiction.  As with other interim measures, the administrative hold is not a determination of guilt or innocence.

A listing of other individuals who have been declared ineligible by other Olympic Sport NGBs and the U.S. Center for SafeSport can be found here: 

The list can be searched by name, location or sport.

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