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Club Membership Fee Change for 2023-24 Season

USA Fencing’s goal is to grow and promote the sport of fencing in the United States. We strive to maintain a delicate balance between offering exceptional value and ensuring the sustainability of our business operations. Our current business model, in the current state, does not allow USA Fencing the opportunities to continue to add club growth and retention programs to help you, our clubs. 

If we were in a room together, you would probably notice two elephants hanging out in the back: Insurance and discontinuing the affiliate club membership product.

Let’s start with insurance. This historically has been the perceived value proposition for our premium club membership. As the national governing body of the sport of fencing, we prioritize the safety of all our members on and off the strip. It’s in the sport’s best interest that we all continue to go above and beyond when it comes to athlete safety and risk management at our clubs. We’ve made the decision to include general liability insurance that includes abuse coverage for all our clubs to protect both USA Fencing and you, our clubs. In order to do this, we will need to discontinue the affiliate club membership product.  

The 23/24 season will include one club membership option, as approved by the Board on June 10. This is to ensure all clubs will have access to all the club benefits for the upcoming season and moving forward.

Renewals open July 1, 2023.

Our club membership will include different price points for each club, with no club having to pay more than $825 for their club membership next season. To make it easier for you to understand exactly what you’ll pay, we’ve created a calculator tool, available below.  

Some Clubs Will Qualify for Reduced Membership Fee

We know this change is going to impact certain types of clubs within our community. The following types of clubs will be able to purchase the club membership at $199.  

School/University-Based Clubs 

  • After-School Clubs and Programs 

  • High School Clubs 

  • College/University Clubs 

Start-Up Clubs – Identified as clubs within the first three years of membership.  

Social/Recreational Clubs – These clubs will need to fill out an assistance form that will be evaluated on the following factors: 

  • Annual club revenue 

  • Operating out of a shared space (I.E. YMCA, Community center, etc.) 

  • Offering free or reduced-cost training for athletes 

CLICK HERE to complete the application.

For All Clubs Who Don’t Qualify for the Reduced Fee

Clubs that do not fit into these categories will receive a club rebate at club membership renewal next season. In previous seasons, only premium clubs with 50 or more members received a club rebate check at the end of each season. This rebate previously was $1 per member for clubs that had 50 or more members. We are enhancing this club benefit to expand to all clubs. You’ll see the progressive discount structure to ensure clubs receive credit for all members attached to their club at the end of the previous season.  

Renewal Club Membership Discount Structure 

Club Members as of June 30, 2023 

Flat Discount 

Additional Discount per member 



 $                                                2.00  


 $         50.00  

 $                                                1.50  


 $         87.50  

 $                                                1.00  


 $       137.50  

 $                                                0.50  


 $       237.50  

 $                                                0.25  


Why is pricing structured this way? We want to find a fair way to incentivize all clubs, both large and small.

Club Discount Calculator

Club Discount Calculator

Examples of How the Rebate Will Work

A few examples here to understand this structure: 

  • A club with 26 members at the end of this season will receive a discount of $51.50 off next season’s club membership, meaning their 2023-24 club membership fee will be $773.50.  

  • A club with 101 members will receive a discount of $138.00 off next season’s club membership, meaning their 2023-24 club membership fee will be $687. 

What Clubs Get as USA Fencing Member Clubs

What am I getting from this membership? 

  • Ability to Host USA Fencing Sanctioned Events 

  • Field Teams at National Competitions 

  • Risk Management tools: Including Insurance Coverage, access to FenceSafe Materials, and training. 

  • Access to the Annual Club Best Practices Conference 

  • Club Digital Marketing Materials 

  • Website listing on our Find a Club tool 

  • Access to our Club Portal through Maestro where we are building an online club community area to connect with other clubs throughout the country.  

  • We are continuing with a collegiate competitive membership next season which will be $55 as long as your athlete is attached to your active club next season.  

  • Club Membership Discount on next year’s season membership.  

  • With the Paris Olympics and Paralympics coming soon, your status as a USA Fencing member club will ensure you receive the full benefits of this important association with our athletes at the highest level of the sport. 

Additional Benefits Coming During the 23/24 Season

  • Enhanced Local Meet and Event Registration Platforms  

  • Club Management Software Partnership 

  • Fundraising Tool 

  • General Business Support 

  • Insurance Portal for additional insurance products needed on a per-club basis 

We want to emphasize that this was not a decision taken lightly. We spent considerable time assessing alternative solutions, exploring cost-saving measures, and seeking efficiencies in our processes before arriving at this point. Our aim is to ensure that we can continue delivering the same level of quality and service that you have come to expect from us while providing you with the tools and club benefits to help you as a business grow. 

Club Membership

Cost: $825

Clubs receive general liability insurance coverage through the USA Fencing policy. All members and participants of USA Fencing Clubs must be individual members of USA Fencing.

Clubs can host sanctioned events, are listed in USA Fencing's online Find a Club section, and have the ability to field a team at national events.

NOTE:  To request additional insurance certificates for locations outside of your club, please visit this link to complete the online form.

CLICK HERE to learn more about USA Fencing's Club Insurance Offerings

Club Renewal Instructions

If listed as the club owner, you will be able to renew your club's membership starting on July 1st. 

Click Here to Renew your club's membership

Once you are logged in, click on the gold arrows at the top of the page and click Club Manager. *Note you will only be able to renew your club's membership if you are listed as the club owner*

Select your club. Once on the club home page, click on RENEW and follow the steps to complete the club renewal process.

If you wish to appoint someone other than the club owner to renew the club or have any questions about your club's membership, please contact USA Fencing at