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Premium Club

Cost $575

Premium (formerly Member) Clubs receive general liability insurance coverage through the USA Fencing policy. All members and participants of USA Fencing Premium Clubs must be individual members of USA Fencing.

Premium Clubs can host sanctioned events, are listed in USA Fencing's online Find a Club section, receive an American Fencing Magazine subscription and have the ability to field a team at national events.

NOTE:  To request additional insurance certificates for locations outside of your club, please visit the link below to complete the online form.

Affiliate Club

Cost: $50

Affiliate Clubs can host sanctioned events, receive website listing, magazine subscription, and have the ability to field a team at national events, but do not participate in the USA Fencing insurance program.

Club Renewal Instructions

If listed as the club owner, the link to renew will be in your individual profile under club manager in the USA Fencing Membership Database. Log in to begin the club renewal process.

If you wish to appoint someone other than the club owner to renew the club, please contact