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Team USA Wins 37 Medals at Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships

09/04/2019, 5:30am CDT
By Nicole Jomantas

S.S. Rachel El-Saleh, Gladys Berardi, Esperanza Alzona and Dede Deane swept the Veteran 2 women's saber podium in Bolivia. Photo Credit: Brandon Dyett.

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Team USA’s 26 fencers brought home 37 medals across 36 events from the Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships in Cochabamba, Bolivia which was held from Aug. 27-31.

The U.S. squads won 32 veteran and five youth medals over the course of the five-day tournament.

Sixty-four-year-old Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.) led the team with seven podium finishes, winning medals in each of the three weapons. A Veteran 2 (60+) fencer, Berardi also secured medals in the Veteran 1 (50-59) and Pre-Veteran (40-49) age categories and hauled in two gold, four silver and one bronze medal total.

Fencing down to the Veteran 1 women’s saber event, Berardi led a 1-2-3 finish with teammates Dede Deane (Richmond, Va.) and S.S. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas). Both Deane and El-Saleh were Veteran 2 fencers competing in the younger age category at 69 and 65 years old, respectively.

Berardi’s second gold medal came in the Veteran 2 category where she earned the epee title over 62-year-old Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.) while 60-year-old Alessandra Brunelli (Beaufort, S.C.) earned bronze.

Berardi was the top U.S. finisher in three more events with silver medals in Pre-Veteran saber and both the Veteran 1 and 2 foil competitions. 

In the Pre-Veteran saber competition, El-Saleh also reached the podium with bronze while the Veteran 1 and 2 foil events included three U.S. fencers winning medals in each event.  In the Veteran 1 foil event, Brunelli and El-Saleh each won bronze. Brunelli won bronze again in the Veteran 2 competition, standing alongside Alzona on the podium. Overall, Brunelli earned four bronze medals, including another third-place finish in the Veteran 1 epee event.

It was El-Saleh who stood on the top of the podium in the Veteran 2 saber event, besting Berardi who took silver. Finishing out the U.S. sweep, Alzona and Deane each won bronze.

Berardi also won bronze in the Pre-Veteran women’s foil competition, finishing behind 44-year-old Teodora Stanica (Fremont, Calif.) who earned silver.

Overall, the U.S. women earned 21 medals in the veteran events with Berardi winning seven medals, followed by El-Saleh and Brunelli at four each. Alzona earned three medals while Deane garnered two and Stanica earned one.

Team USA’s men earned 11 overall medals.

Fifty-two-year-old David Nemazie (Salisbury, Md.) led the team with medals in each weapon within the Veteran 1 category, taking gold in saber and bronzes in epee and foil.

Nemazie came out on top on a 1-2-3 U.S. finish in the saber event, defeating four-time Pan Am Vet Champion Vincent Paragano (Bernardsville, N.J.) in the final. Ray Blair (Napes, Fla.) earned bronze.

Nemazie was one of three medalists in the Veteran 1 foil competition where Thomas Mahnken (Springfield, Va.) won silver and David Hueske (Charleston, S.C.) earned the second bronze.

Team USA’s fencers won gold in two out of the three men’s Veteran 2 events where 68-year-old Alan Buchwald (Carmel, Calif.) won his fourth career Pan Am vet title in the foil event and  60-year-old Ray Blair (Naples, Fla.) earned his first Pan Am vet gold in his first event after moving up to the 60+ category. Sixty-one-year-old Robert Mones (North Charleston, S.C.) and 62-year-old Brent Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.) also earned Veteran 2 medals, taking bronze and silver in the foil and saber events, respectively.

In the youth events, Team USA won five medals, including two golds.

Twelve-year-old Carter Berrio (Lighthouse Point, Fla.), a bronze medalist at Summer Nationals in the Y12 men’s saber event this year, earned his third Pan Am youth title and first in the Pre-Cadet saber competition. Twelve-year-old Gabriel McCarthy (New York City, N.Y.) followed his gold in the Youth B men’s saber event last year with a bronze in the Pre-Cadet competition.

Although 13-year-old Madison Duckett (Greenwich, Conn.) just began competing on the national circuit in 2018, she earned gold at her first international event, taking the Pre-Cadet women’s saber title.

Madison’s younger brother, 11-year-old Myles Duckett (Greenwich, Conn.) also earned a podium finish in Bolivia, taking bronze in the Youth B men’s saber event.

Nine-year-old Audrey Toffelmire (Houston, Texas) was Team USA’s youngest medalist, earning bronze in the Youth A women’s epee competition.

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Medal results are as follows:

Youth A Men’s Epee
1. Thiago Lopez (PER)
2. Mateo Urien (BRA)
3. David Salazar (VEN)
3. Jose Almeida (ECU)

Youth A Men’s Foil
1. Cesar Gutierrez (COL)
2. David Salazar (VEN)
3. Thiago Lopez (PER)
3. Leonard Tomino (BRA)

Youth A Men’s Saber
1. David Salazar (VEN)
2. Joaquim Pelucio (BRA)
3. Ronny Castillo (BOL)
3. Andre Ramos (BRA)

Youth A Women’s Epee
1. Misaki Okada (PER)
2. Sophia Asquino (BRA)
3. Andrea Ortega (VEN)
3. Audrey Toffelmire (Houston, Texas)

Youth A Women’s Foil
1. Astrid Bravo (PER)
2. Kare Kawasaki (PER)
3. Okada Misaki (PER)
3. Wu Yuki (BRA)

Youth A Women’s Saber
1. Karen Kawasaki (PER)
2. Sophia Asquino (BRA)
3. Michel Herrera (BOL)
3. Okada Misaka (PER)

Youth B Men’s Epee
1. Luis Foshini (BRA)
2. Estefano Bravo (PER)
3. Bernar Bicalho (BRA)
3. Jean Oliveira (BRA)

Youth B Men’s Foil
1. Estefano Bravo (PER)
2. Luis Foshini (BRA)
3. Gustavo Bueno (BRA)
3. Santiago Uribe (COL)

Youth B Men’s Saber
1. Arthur Wolff (BRA)
2. Adrie Berchier (BOL)
3. Myles Duckett (Greenwich, Conn.)
3. Santiago Rejas (BOL)

Youth B Women’s Epee
1. Savka Radich (CHI)
2. Votoria Macedo (BRA)
3. Maria Galindo (PER)
3. Manuel Tapajos (BRA)

Youth B Women’s Foil
1. Livia Matos (BRA)
2. Alta Galindo (PER)
3. Luc Parallada (ARG)
3. Cielo Vizcarra (PER)

Youth B Women’s Saber
1. Ana Fraga (BRA)
2. Laura Quevedo (BRA)
3. Altamira Maria Galindo (PER)
3. Florencia Cabe (CHI)

Pre-Cadet Men’s Epee
1. Rafael Riberio (BRA)
2. Alonso Aranciba (CHI)
3. Esterano Bravo (PER)
3. Eduard Goncalves (BRA)

Pre-Cadet Men’s Foil
1. Felipe Galleazi (BRA)
2. Jose Grayson (PER)
3. Theo Cholfe (BRA)
3. Guilermo Vianna (BRA)

Pre-Cadet Men’s Saber
1. Carter Berrio (Lighthouse, Fla.)

2. Esteban Mayer (BOL)
3. Gabriel McCarthy (New York City, N.Y.)
3. Erico Patto (BRA)

Pre-Cadet Women’s Epee
1. Mariana Gondo (BRA)
2. Mariana Soriano (PER)
3. Luciana Garcia (PAR)
3. Maria Paro (BRA)

Pre-Cadet Women’s Foil
1. Mariana Soriano (PER)
2. Casandra Cruz (PER)
3. Sofia Brasil (BRA)
3. Sofia Jimenez (CHI)

Pre-Cadet Women’s Saber
1. Madison Duckett (Greenwich, Conn.)

2. Sofia Jimenez (CHI)
3. Valentina Castillo (BRA)
3. Luciana Garcia (PAR)

Pre-Veteran Men’s Epee
1. Valentin Alitisz (ARG)
2. Adolfo Uribe (COL)
3. Ramon Roman (URU)
3. Carlos Viveros (PAR)

Pre-Veteran Men’s Foil
1. Carlos Covani (ARG)
2. Andres Damico (ARG)
3. Javier Grande (BOL)
3. Lobo Heros (BRA)

Pre-Veteran Men’s Saber
1. Andres Damico (ARG)
2. Claudio Patto (BRA)
3. Jorge Canal (PER)
3. Luis Centeno (VEN)

Pre-Veteran Women’s Epee
1. Leonor Ribera (BOL)
2. Marian Sequera (VEN)
3. Fabiana Maluf (BRA)
3. Viv Verduguez (BOL)

Pre-Veteran Women’s Foil
1. Viv Verduguez (BOL)
2. Teodor Stanica (Fremont, Calif.)
3. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)

3. Leonor Ribiera (BOL)

Pre-Veteran Women’s Saber
1. Leonor Ribera (BOL)
2. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. S.S. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas)

3. Miriam Neves (BRA)

Veteran 1 Men’s Epee
1. Enrique Covani (ARG)
2. Valentin Alitisz (ARG)
3. Guilherme Garcia (BRA)
3. David Nemazie (Salisbury, Md.)

Veteran 1 Men’s Foil
1. Enrique Covani (ARG)
2. Thomas Mahnken (Springfield, Va.)
3. David Hueske (Charleston, S.C.)
3. David Nemazie (Salisbury, Md.)

Veteran 1 Men’s Saber
1. David Nemazie (Salisbury, Md.)
2. Vincent Paragano (Bernardsville, N.J.)
3. Ray Blair (Napes, Fla.)

3. Marcelo Rejas (BOL)

Veteran 1 Women’s Epee
1. Marianela Sequera (VEN)
2. Laura Mangaterra (BRA)
3. Alessandra Brunelli (Beaufort, S.C.)
3. Miriam Neves (BRA)

Veteran 1 Women’s Foil
1. Marianela Sequera (VEN)
2. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. Alessa Brunelli (Beaufort, S.C.)
3. S.S. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas)

Veteran 1 Women’s Saber
1. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
2. Dede Deane (Richmond, Va.)
3. S.S. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas)

3. An Fernandez (BOL)

Veteran 2 Men’s Epee
1. Daniel Aguayo (CHI)
2. Percy Born (CHI)
3. Fernand Alcala (BOL)
3. Guillermo Orsi (ARG)

Veteran 2 Men’s Foil
1. Alan Buchwald (Carmel, Calif.)

2. Antonio Siles (BRA)
3. Robert Mones (North Charleston, S.C.)
3. Raul Saavedra (BRA)

Veteran 2 Men’s Saber
1. Ray Blair (Naples, Fla.)
2. Brent Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.)

3. Fernando Melo (BRA)

Veteran 2 Women’s Epee
1. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
2. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)
3. Alessandra Brunelli (Beaufort, S.C.)

3. Denilze Gallo (BRA)

Veteran 2 Women’s Foil
1. Denilse Gallo (BRA)
2. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)
3. Alessa Brunelli
(Beaufort, S.C.)

Veteran 2 Women’s Saber
1. S.S. Rachel El-Saleh (Houston, Texas)
2. Gladys Berardi (Long Valley, N.J.)
3. Esperanza Alzona (Frederick, Md.)
3. Dede Deane (Richmond, Va.

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