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New USA Fencing Board Chair Addresses the Fencing Community

10/16/2021, 6:45pm CDT
By David Arias

The Board of Directors selected me to serve as chair and Sam Cheris as treasurer.  I didn’t plan or ask for this.  At a time when circumstances demanded steady and decisive leadership, our previous Board chair chose to lead with division and grandstanding, damaging relationships internally and with nearly every partner organization.

There are serious problems that demand our attention.  That requires transparency and the kind of communication that builds trust.  That requires effectively managing the work of 20 committees and hundreds of volunteers that dedicate themselves to our sport.  That requires leading with integrity and respect for others and building accountability into everything we do.

One of our first actions will be to hold open forums at least every other month.  I also ask that you consider joining a committee or taking time to offer ideas if you believe something needs to change.  We have an opportunity to actually move forward instead of just talking about it.

The Board and I sincerely look forward to working with you.  I will serve the Board until they choose someone else, and the Board will serve the membership through the people you elect.

David Arias
Fencer, Club officer, Board Chair serving USA Fencing

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