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One Weekend, 14 International Medals for Team USA Fencing Seniors & Cadets

01/18/2022, 11:30am CST
By Serge Timacheff

It was a busy and medal-filled weekend in all three weapons for Team USA Fencing in senior and cadet international competitions, with athletes competing in France, Poland, Georgia, and Slovakia.

USA Scores Team Gold and Lauren Scruggs, Zander Rhodes Make Top 16 in Poznan Senior Women’s Foil World Cup

POZNAN, Poland, Jan. 14-16—Team USA Women’s Foil (Jacqueline Dubrovich (New Jersey Fencing Alliance), Lee Kiefer (Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), Zander Rhodes (V Fencing Club) and Maia Weintraub (Fencer's Club)) took the team gold medal at the Adam Mickiewicz University Women’s Foil Senior World Cup in Poznan, Poland. Lauren Scruggs and Zander Rhodes also earned top-16 places in the individual women’s foil event. The competition took place at the UAM Sport Center, with 180 fencers and 20 teams participating.

Team USA faced Japan in the gold-medal round, winning the title with a 45-23 score. In the semifinals, USA beat Russia, 45-39, and Japan defeated Poland, 27-25; Poland took the bronze medal over Russia, 44-42. In earlier rounds, USA defeated Ukraine, 39-32, in the 16, then Canada in the quarterfinals, 44-31, before advancing to the semifinals.

In the women’s individual foil event, Scruggs beat Canada’s Jessica Zi Jia Guo, 15-9, to make the top 16, while Rhodes overcame Italy’s Marta Ricci, 15-13, in the same round. Other U.S. women’s foilists results included Lee Kiefer (17, Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), Jacqueline Dubrovich (19, New Jersey Fencing Alliance), Maia Mei Weintraub (41, Fencers Club Inc.), May Tieu (45, Princeton Univ. NCAA), Sara Taffel (50, New Jersey Fencing Alliance), Iman Blow (70T, Peter Westbrook Foundation), Stefani Deschner (82, Bluegrass Fencers’ Club), Ryanne Leslie (95, V Fencing Club), Helen Tan (96, Fencing Institute of Texas) and Delphine DeVore (98, Fairfield County Fencing Academy).

USA’s Chase Emmer and Team USA Take Bronze Medals in Challenge International (CIP) de Paris Senior Men’s Foil World Cup

PARIS, France, Jan. 14-16, 2022—Chase Emmer (V Fencing Club) scored a bronze medal at the Challenge International (CIP) Senior Men’s Foil World Cup in Paris, and Team USA took the bronze in the team event. The event, which took place at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin, featured 210 fencers competing and 26 teams.

Emmer defeated Italian Olympic champion Daniele Garozzo in the round of eight to make the semifinals, 15-5. He faced another Italian, Edoardo Luperi, in the semifinals, who prevailed over the American, 15-13, to make the finals. Luperi took the silver, losing to Hong Kong Olympic champion Ka Long Cheung in the gold-medal match, 15-12.

Other U.S. men’s foilists at the event included Marcello Olivares (12, Univ. of Notre Dame NCAA), Sidarth Kumbla (15, New York Athletic Club), Adam Mathieu (20, Fencers Club Inc.), Gerek Meinhardt (33, Massialas Foundation (MTeam)), Nick Itkin (34, LA International Fencing), Alexander Massialas (35, Massialas Foundation (MTeam)), Brandon Li (51, Marx Fencing Academy), Ashton Daniel (103, Silicon Valley Fencing Center), Miles Chamley-Watson (114, Fencers Club Inc.), Bryce Louie (126, LA International Fencing) and Jun Heng Liao (154, Fencers Club Inc.).

In men’s team foil, Team USA (Nick Itkin, Alexander Massialas, Adam Mathieu) beat Russia to win the bronze, 45-31, after losing to Italy in the semifinals, 45-38. Italy went on to win the gold against France, 45-20. In earlier rounds, USA beat Denmark in the table of 16, 45-30, then advanced to the quarterfinals and defeated Egypt, 45-31.

Tbilisi Men’s and Women’s Senior Sabre World Cup

TBILISI, Georgia, Jan. 14-18, 2022—Andrew Mackiewicz (Zeta Fencing) made the top eight in individual men’s sabre, taking 7th place at the Tbilisi, Georgia Men’s and Women’s Sabre World Cup. Honor Johnson (Bergen Fencing Club) made the top 16, placing 15th. The event, which took place at the Olympic Palace, included 188 men and 154 women competing as well as 24 men’s and 25 women’s teams.

In team competition, the Team USA men Daryl Homer (Peter Westbrook Foundation), Khalil Thompson (Peter Westbrook Foundation), Eli Dershwitz (Tim Morehouse Fencing Club) and Kamar Skeete (Nellya Fencers Club) took ninth place after France won in the 16, 45-39, to advance. The Team USA women (Chloe Fox-Gitomer (Oregon Fencing Alliance), Maia Chamberlain (Manhattan Fencing Center), Elizabeth Tartakovsky (Manhattan Fencing Center) and Anne-Elizabeth Stone (Bergen Fencing Club)) took tenth place, after Bulgaria won the match in the 16, 45-41.

Other Team USA results from the Tbilisi World Cup in the individual men’s sabre event included Eli Dershwitz (17), Daryl Homer (20), Kamar Skeete (26), Khalil Thompson (59), Noah Te Velde (69, Peter Westbrook Foundation), Josef Cohen (76, Peter Westbrook Foundation), Andrew Doddo (77, Fencers Club Inc.), Jared Smith (89, Univ. of Notre Dame NCAA), Mitchell Saron (100, Bergen Fencing Club), Jackson McBride (127, Phoenix Fencing Academy) and Nolan Williams (136, The Ohio State Univ. NCAA).

Results in the individual women’s sabre event included Anne-Elizabeth Stone (19), Elizabeth Tartakovsky (23), Maia Chamberlain (67), Ryan Jenkins (69, Bergen Fencing Club), Sky Miller (77, Northwestern Univ. NCAA), Chloe Fox-Gitomer (106), Leanne Singleton-Comfort (115, US Air Force Academy) and Tatiana Nazlymov (120, Nazlymov Fencing Foundation).

USA Shines at 27th Eurosabre Meylan Cadet Saber World Cup

MEYLAN, France, Jan. 15-16, 2022—USA cadet fencers took seven of the eight medals at the 27th edition of the Meylan, France Eurosabre Cadet Saber World Cup, with Connor Liang (Laguna Fencing Center) winning silver and Ziyi Yang (Cardinal Fencing Club) and Jordan Silberzweig (Manhattan Fencing Center) each taking bronze in the men’s event. USA took all medals in the cadet women’s saber event, with gold to Lola Possick (Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy), silver to Magda Skarbonkiewicz (Oregon Fencing Alliance) and bronzes to Jenna Shoman (Manhattan Fencing Center) and Katherine Andres (South Bay Fencing Academy). The competition took place at the Gymnase des Buclos with 134 men and 110 women competing in individual events.

Liang faced France’s Tom Couderc in the final of individual cadet men’s saber, who took the gold with a 15-12 win. Liang won his way into the final against his teammate, Ziyi Yang, in the semifinal, 15-11, and Couderc beat Jordan Silberzweig in the same round, 15-10.

Other Team USA men’s cadet saber results included Cody Ji (5, Nellya Fencers), Taylor Chon (6, Globus Fencing Academy), Gian Dhingra (7, Southern California Fencing Academy), Gabriel McCarthy (10, Tim Morehouse Fencing Academy), Matthew Linsky (14, Manhattan Fencing Center), Joseph Simak (18, Nazlymov Fencing Foundation), Ansh Ghayalod (21, Durkan Fencing Academy), William Morrill (24, Fencers Club Inc.), Shaun Kim (25, Tim Morehouse Fencing Club), William Xu (26, Cardinal Fencing Club), Justin Tann (27, Southern California Fencing Academy), Anthony Jiang (33, Spartak), Jaesun Yun (34, Southern California Fencing Academy), Matthew Chin (45, Capital Fencing Academy), Matthew Chan (58, Forward Fencing Academy) and Nicholas Pope (49, Stoccata Fencing Academy & Club).

Sweeping the individual cadet women’s saber event, USA went undefeated with Lola Possick winning the gold against teammate Magda Skarbonkiewicz in the final match, 15-13. Skarbonkiewicz beat Jenna Shoman in the semifinal round, 15-8, with Possick defeating Katherine Andres, 15-13. Samantha Marsee (5, Premier Fencing Academy LLC) and Alexandra Lee (6, Premier Fencing Academy LLC) made the top eight.

Other Team USA Women’s Cadet Saber results included Adele Bois (9, Fencers Club Inc.), Michelle Julien (10, Bergen Fencing Club), Janna Freedman (11, South Bay Fencing Academy), Leah Blum (12, Boston Fencing Club), Nisha Hild (14, Zeta Fencing), Charmaine Andres (17, South Bay Fencing Academy), Siobhan Sullivan (18, Oregon Fencing Alliance), Grace Ker (19, Cardinal Fencing Club), Veronica Mika (20, Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy), Amanda Li (44, Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy), Madeline Engelman-Sanz (46, Bergen Fencing Club), Reya Ghayalod (53, Durkan Fencing Academy), Chase Callahan (65, South Bay Fencing Academy) and Susan Wiggers (97, Nellya Fencers).

USA Takes Silver, Bronze, Gold Medals at Bratislava Cadet Epee World Cup – “Coupe du Danube” 2022

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, Jan. 14-16, 2022—Sarah Gu (Medeo Fencing Club) won gold and Yasmine Khamis (Alliance Fencing Academy) and Samuel Imrek (Alliance Fencing Academy) took bronze at the Bratislava Cadet Epee World Cup “Coupe du Danube 2022,” and the USA 1 Cadet Men’s Epee Team won the silver medal, and the USA 1 Women’s Epee Team took the bronze medal. The World Cup was organized by the Slavia STU Bratislava Fencing Club and took place at “Hala Mladost” with 286 men and 241 women competing individually and in team events.

Other USA cadet men’s epee results included Peyton Young (19, Alliance Fencing Academy), Kozmo Rhyu (25, Penta Olympic Fencing Club), Alexander Liu (29, Alliance Fencing Academy), Daniel Gao (30, Medeo Fencing Club), Kent Iyoki (33T, Northwest Fencing Center), Ajit Sivakumar (41T Cardinal Fencing Academy), Dayus Gohel (50, Olympia Fencing Center), Aiden Click (51, Apex Fencing Academy), Konstantin Vaysbukh (65, Long Island Fencing Center), Ian Goldfine (66, New York Fencing Academy), Christopher Chong (67T, Penta Olympic Fencing Club), Maximilian Shah (91, Olympia Fencing Center), Luka Loncar (107T, Olympia Fencing Center), Alexander Fray (116, Alliance Fencing Academy), Joseph Wu (123, Cavalier Fencing Club), Torata Mishima (180, Medeo Fencing Club), Jackson Kropp (193, Elite Fencing Academy) and Logan Gatza (219, Orlando Fencing Academy).

Sarah Gu (Medeo Fencing Club) scored the gold medal in individual cadet women’s epee, defeating Ukraine’s Emili Conrad in the final round, 13-12. Yasmine Khamis (Alliance Fencing Academy) took the bronze medal, after teammate Gu narrowly defeated her to make the finals, 10-9. France’s Anaelle Doquet took the other bronze medal, after Conrad beat her in the semifinal, 15-7.

Other USA cadet women’s epee results included Isabella Chin (9 New York Fencing Academy), Natalie Gebala (12, Academy of Fencing Masters), Alexandra Drovetsky (14, Medeo Fencing Club), Michelle Lee (15, Alliance Fencing Academy), Sophia Jakel (17, DC Fencers Club), Victoria Kuznetsov (18, Lilov Fencing Academy), Leehi Machulsky (20, Academy of Fencing Masters), Elizabeth Zigalo (39, New York Fencing Academy), Katie Lin (43, Medeo Fencing Club), Lauren McCutchen (56, Alliance Fencing Academy), Christina Liu (Alliance Fencing Academy), Anya Mehrotra (87T, Alliance Fencing Academy), Emersyn Runions (112T, International Fencers Alliance of Dallas), Anna Temiryaev (152, New York Fencing Academy) and Sharika Gajjala (165, Medeo Fencing Club).

The USA 1 Cadet Men’s Epee Team (Kent Iyoki, Luka Loncar, Alexander Liu, Ajit Sivakumar) won the silver medal in cadet men’s team epee, beating Hungary in the semifinals to make the finals, 45-42. Italy won the gold against USA in the finals, 45-40, after having beaten their own teammates and second team, “Italy 2,” in the semifinals, 45-23. Italy 2 took the bronze medal over Hungary, 45-33. Team USA 2 (Samuel Imrek, Konstantin Vaysbukh, Aiden Click, Dayus Gohel) took 12th place, beating Ukraine 2, 45-34, and then falling to Hungary in the round of 16, 45-36.  

The USA 1 Cadet Women’s Epee Team (Isabella Chin, Sarah Gu, Yasmine Khamis, Michelle Lee) won the bronze medal in cadet women’s team epee, beating Italy 2, 45-35 after suffering defeat to Russia 1 in the semifinals, 45-43. The USA 2 Cadet Women’s Epee Team (Alexandra Drovetsky, Sharika Gajjala, Sophia Jakel, Leehi Machulsky) took fifth place after facing USA 1 in the quarterfinals, with USA 1 winning with a 45-24 score.  

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