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Day 4 Recap: October 2022 NAC

10/10/2022, 7:30pm CDT
By Bryan Wendell

On the fourth day of #OctoNAC, gold medals were awarded in three events: Y-14 Men’s Foil, Cadet Women’s Saber and Division I Men’s Epee.

Aiden Siu (left) scores a touch against James G. Lin in the Y-14 Men's Foil final. Photo by Serge Timacheff.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Aiden Siu (Orange County Fencing Center) had himself a day.

On the fourth and final day of the October 2022 North American Cup, the 13-year-old foil fencer from California allowed eight or fewer touches in each of his direct elimination bout wins on his way to a gold medal in Y-14 Men’s Foil.

The day started bright and early with 8 a.m. pools. Siu won those five bouts by scores of 5-1, 5-0, 5-0, 5-2 and 5-2. 

His impressive run continued in the direct elimination bouts, where winners advance until only one fencer remains to claim gold. Siu’s day looked like this:

  • Table of 128: 15-4 win
  • Table of 64: 15-8 win
  • Table of 32: 15-7 win
  • Table of 16: 15-3 win
  • Quarterfinals: 15-6 win
  • Semifinals: 15-1 win
  • Finals: 15-7 win

It’s been a solid start to the season for Siu, whose October NAC gold medal joins last month’s golds in Y-14 Men’s Foil at the North Texas Roundup SYC/RCC and in Cadet Men’s Foil at the South Coast RJCC/ROC.

In other Day 4 action from the October NAC, Veronica Mika (Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy) looked impressive on her way to the top of the podium in Cadet Women’s Saber. 

The 16-year-old from New Jersey outlasted 165 other young women on her journey to gold. Mika’s last two national tournaments in Cadet Women’s Saber each ended in silver — at the 2022 Junior Olympics in February and the 2022 Summer Nationals in July. So she will be justifiably proud of her step up one level higher on the podium

Find full Day 4 results below or on Fencing Time.

As the October 2022 NAC — #OctoNAC — comes to an end, all of us at USA Fencing want to thank the fencers, parents, loved ones, coaches, officials, volunteers and support staff who made this year’s event a great success. 

We’ll see you in December in Salt Lake City!

Day 4 Results

Cadet Women’s Saber 

Gold: Veronica Mika (Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy)

Silver: Helen Wu (Canada/Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy)

Bronze: Sophie Liu (Capital Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Reya Ghayalod (Durkan Fencing Academy)

5th: Jenna Shoman (Manhattan Fencing Center)

6th: Ibla P. Vadasz (Bergen Fencing Club)

7th: Gabriela M. Hwang (Phoenix Fencing Academy)

8th: Katie Jeong (Bergen Fencing Club)


Y-14 Men’s Foil

Gold: Aiden Siu (Orange County Fencing Center)

Silver: James G. Lin (Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Jia Bao (Bowen) Xu (Canada)

Bronze: Eric Min (Northwest Fencing Center)

5th: Adrian Wong (Canada)

6th: Michael Lin (Star Fencing Academy)

7th: Dylan Co (Massialas Foundation (M Team))

8th: Nathan Canlas (LA International Fencing)


Division I Men’s Epee

Gold: Alen Hadzic (Fencers Club Inc. / Lilov Fencing Academy)

Silver: Justin R. Haddad (Fencers Club Inc. / DC Fencers Club)

Bronze: Corwin Duncan (Fencers Club Inc. / DC Fencers Club)

Bronze: Dylan Nollner (New York Athletic Club)

5th: Ariel (Ari) J. Simmons (New York Athletic Club / Alliance Fencing Academy)

6th: Henry A. Lawson (Fencers Club Inc.)

7th: Tristan B. Szapary (Fencers Club Inc.)

8th: Dennis A. Kraft (Ligonier Fencing Club / Fencers Club Inc.)

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