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USA Fencing Coach Education and Professional Development Program Will Benefit Coaches, Fencers

05/01/2023, 8:30am CDT
By Bryan Wendell

This comprehensive initiative is designed to create a sustainable education program that benefits the entire fencing community, providing valuable resources, training, and support to coaches, fencers, and clubs.

June 18, 2024 update: For the latest information on coach education, head to


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s a simple formula: Great coaches make great fencers. But these coaches don’t have to do it alone.

In that spirit, USA Fencing is proud to announce the launch of the Coach Education and Professional Development program (CEPD), coming in the 2023-24 membership season. This comprehensive initiative is designed to create a sustainable education program that benefits the entire fencing community. That means valuable resources, training and support for coaches, fencers and clubs.

The CEPD program will help coaches by offering educational materials, tools and best practices to help them develop fencers. In turn, athletes will benefit from an enhanced fencing environment that maximizes their growth, development and enjoyment of the sport. 

Clubs will appreciate that the program will strengthen their risk management systems in light of fluctuating insurance costs, thereby reducing risk for the sport of fencing.

The CEPD program will benefit all members of the community:

  • For club owners: Training on foundational coaching and fencing skills for the coaches within your club, as well as a Junior Coach Add-On membership for competitive members aged 16 to 22 who want to try coaching or help at their club.
  • For parents: Confidence in coaches who have received foundational training and are committed to professional growth and development.
  • For experienced coaches: Opportunities for continued learning, growth and sharing of knowledge within the coaching community.
  • For all coaches: Access to a system that supports professional growth and development, as well as opportunities to demonstrate commitment to improvement.
  • For athletes: Access to the Junior Coach offering, which provides foundational coaching training and the opportunity to explore coaching as a future career path.

The CEPD program will include a monthly online speaker series, in-person educational sessions at select NACs, a continuation of the Women Coach Mentor Program, access to a new Learning Management System called “FenceLab,” and collaboration with the USOPC, other NGBs, and external organizations for education and professional development.

Starting in the 2023-24 membership season, all USA Fencing Coach members will have access to coach training modules within “FenceLab.” Some modules will be required. Exemptions from some modules will apply to those with verified certifications, former and current NCAA head and assistant coaches, and former and current National Team coaches. A full breakdown of the exemptions will be published in the upcoming weeks.

As part of the long-term plan, coaches will be required to complete four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after completing the Foundations course in year one. A Continuing Education Steering Group will be formed to guide coach development and continuing education, with the goal of developing pathways for coach development and informing educational materials.

The launch of the CEPD program marks a significant milestone in USA Fencing's commitment to supporting the growth and development of coaches, athletes and clubs. In conjunction with our newly minted partners at the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association, we look forward to supporting each coach’s journey through the program.

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