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Important Update About 2023 USA Fencing Board and Hall of Fame Election

05/16/2023, 4:15pm CDT
By Bryan Wendell

USA Fencing is aware of an error that caused our voting platform to temporarily make available early voting numbers and results.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Fencing is aware of an error that caused our voting platform to temporarily make available early voting numbers and results. This information, which was available to less than 100 voters over a short period, showed how many ballots had been cast and unofficial voting results to that point.

We’re also aware of a social media post that claims that more than 1,500 voters did not receive their ballots.

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to offer two clarifications:

  1. Ballots were successfully received by 99.1% of all voters. (Those who didn’t receive a ballot had an invalid email on file with USA Fencing and should contact right away to receive their ballot.)

  2. The election is not over.

Despite this error, the integrity and fairness of this election is still intact.

1. Almost every voter successfully received their ballot.

The post circulating on social media looks like this:

This voter turnout information, which could be seen temporarily by a small number of voters, lacks important context — specifically the section in red.

There are 9,392 eligible voters in this year’s Board of Directors and Hall of Fame election. To these voters, we sent a combined 9,271 emails and 7,972 SMS (text) messages. 

That means we sent 17,243 notices to 9,392 voters. (Voters can only vote once, but many received their ballot link both by email and text message in an effort to make voting more convenient this year. Only one person can vote per valid membership.)

Of those 17,243 notices, 1,511 were undeliverable. Let’s take a closer look at that 1,511 “undeliverable notices” number:

  • 1,301 of them were invalid phone numbers (usually a text sent to a landline or phone that doesn’t accept SMS messages)

  • 210 were undeliverable emails (mailbox full, invalid recipient or other “bounces”)

Of the 1,301 invalid phone numbers, only 82 also had emails that couldn’t be delivered.

That means the true number of voters whom we couldn’t reach by phone or email is 82 — less than 1%.

Importantly, if you’re one of those 82 and/or believe you’re an eligible voter who didn’t receive a ballot for whatever reason, please contact right away.

2. The election is not over.

We regret the fact that a small number of voters were able to temporarily see unofficial election results and apologize that this happened. This situation was corrected as soon as the National Office and Election Committee became aware of the error. 

But please know that:

  • Voting is not over. (It continues through June 5.)

  • No candidate has been elected.

  • No candidate has been eliminated. 

  • About 88% of eligible voters have not cast their ballots, meaning every candidate still has a viable chance of winning.

  • The fairness and integrity of the election is still intact.

Thanks for your understanding as we run an election that reflects the preferences of you, the voter.

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