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Heard You Loud and Clear: Five Takeaways from the USA Fencing All-Member Survey

05/18/2023, 10:45am CDT
By Bryan Wendell

After carefully combing through the nearly 1,600 responses to our All-Member Survey, we're here to share the top five takeaways from the survey, as well as outline the steps we're taking to address each point.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — To the nearly 1,600 of you who completed the USA Fencing All-Member Survey earlier this year, we say: Thanks!

And we also say: We heard you! Opinions, concerns and suggestions from our members are an invaluable tool for the USA Fencing staff. We've listened carefully to your feedback, and we're here to share the top five takeaways from the survey, as well as outline the steps we're taking to address each point.

If you want to see the raw results, you can do so here.

1. More Fencing Opportunities at Division II Level

Your appetite for more fencing opportunities at the Division II level came across loud and clear. We understand the importance of fostering talent and competition at all levels. In response to this, we promptly organized a Division II North American Cup (NAC) to conclude the 2022-23 season. Furthermore, we're excited to announce that a Division II event will be a part of our 2023-24 NAC calendar as well. This is an ongoing commitment to provide you with more opportunities to compete, improve and enjoy the sport you love.

2. Continued Love for Long-Form Storytelling

We were delighted to learn that content found in American Fencing magazine continues to resonate with our members. We understand the value of long-form stories, compelling photography and diverse voices that you've come to associate with the magazine. That will not only continue but expand. Later this year, we will be launching a new channel for this content, offering you an even richer and more accessible experience. Stay tuned for more details!

3. Expanded Resources for Fencing in College

The demand for more information about the path to fencing in college was clear. Recognizing the importance of this transition, we've already started to broaden our member education resources focusing on collegiate recruiting. Examples of this include podcast coverage and our College Conversations panel held at Summer Nationals each year. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide and support to our members who aspire to take their passion for fencing to the collegiate level.

4. Building a Stronger Fencing Community

Your feedback highlighted that being part of the fencing community means more than just competing in national tournaments. We wholeheartedly agree. Therefore, we're actively exploring options for networking and social events at national tournaments. By fostering connections and camaraderie off the strip, we aim to strengthen the bond within our fencing family.

5. Enhancing Safety Measures for Athletes

We're committed to ensuring that our athletes can enjoy the sport in a safe and secure environment. In addition to our existing measures, we'll be introducing SafeSport education sessions for minor athletes and their parents in the upcoming season. Furthermore, we've adopted a new Complaint and Hearing Procedures Policy to provide a clearer path for complaint resolution and ensure timely action. We are dedicated to safeguarding our athletes' welfare at all times.

Thanks again for your engagement with the survey. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of USA Fencing. We hope you’ve read this knowing we're listening and we're committed to making our community stronger, safer and even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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