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Gold Medals and Glorious Wins: Highlights from a Thrilling Final Day of the January NAC

01/08/2024, 10:30pm CST
By Nicole Kirk

Six fencing champions emerge on the exciting final day of January NAC.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - The final day of the January North American Cup did not disappoint as six more fencers were named gold medalists. Veteran, Division I and Junior fencers alike showcased their skills. 

Julie Seal (Valkyrie Fencing Club) showed off her skill again as she collected her second gold medal of the weekend in the Veteran Women’s Saber event. “Even though this event isn’t for points, it’s to help us veterans in the community to have more opportunity to fence one another. That’s the upside of it, but the hard part is that all of us that are in older age categories, we have to fence other people in the younger age categories and Yelena [Kalkina] was my final bout and she is number one in Vet-40’s, and she’s on my team. She was the last person I fenced in Division I and she was very good then and she is very good now. The point was to meet her on the strip and hopefully in the final bout, and be able to fence with her and I am just thrilled I was able to play well and get the gold.”

Gold medalist in the Division I Men’s Epee event, Justin Yoo (New York Athletic Club / New York Fencing Academy) kicked off 2024 getting his A24. He said “I got my A2024 [rating], which was something I was really worried about. It feels good, I put all this work in, and I got the results. It’s just good.”

Lola Possick (Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy) claimed gold in the Junior Women’s Saber event, and had to fence teammate Veronica Mika in the final. Possick talked about how different it is to fence a teammate, “It’s a little bit different when you go against a club mate, of course no coaching, and it’s a little bit of a different energy, at least for me.” Even despite no coaches, fencing a teammate, Possick talked herself through the break and came through to get the gold medal.

Day 4 Results

Division I Men’s Epee

Gold Medalist: Justin Yoo (New York Athletic Club / New York Fencing Academy)

Silver: Oleg Knysh (Alliance Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Tristan Szapary (Fencers Club Inc. / Princeton University NCAA)

Bronze: Jonas Hansen (Olympia Fencing Center / Harvard University NCAA)

5th: Sergey Bida (Academy Of Fencing Masters (AFM))

6th: Omari Smoak (Peter Westbrook Foundation / Fencers Club Inc.)

7th: Sean White (Fencers Club Inc. / Cloak and Dagger Fencing Club)

8th: Teddy Lombardo (New York Athletic Club)


Junior Women’s Epee

Gold Medalist: Kyle Fallon (Fencing Academy Of Westchester)

Silver: Julia Yin (CAN)

Bronze: Tierna Oxenreider (Columbia University/ New York Athletic Club)

Bronze: Ketki Ketkar (Cornell University / Kaizen Academy LLC)

5th: Ruien Xiao (CAN)

6th: Michaela Joyce (University Of Notre Dame / Elite Fencing Academy, VA)

7th: Ziqi (Yoyo) Wang (Swords Fencing Studio)

8th: Yasmine Khamis (Alliance Fencing Academy)

Junior Women’s Saber

Gold Medalist: Lola Possick (Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy)

Silver: Veronica Mika (Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy)

Bronze: Siobhan Sullivan (Oregon Fencing Alliance)

Bronze: Janna Freedman (South Bay Fencing Academy)

5th: Megumi Oishi (Northwestern University)

6th: Chelsea Delsoin (University Of Notre Dame / Advance Fencing And Fitness Academy)

7th: Victoria Gorman (Zeta Fencing / Duke University Fencing)

8th: Minna Krastev (Cardinal Fencing Club)

Veteran Women’s Saber

Gold Medalist: Julie Seal (Valkyrie Fencing Club)

Silver: Yelena Kalkina (Oregon Fencing Alliance)

Bronze: Clare Deming (Lilov Fencing Academy)

Bronze: Jamie Willemse (PDX Fencing)

5th: Eileen Foley (Denver Fencing Center)

6th: Leigh Altman (Atlantic Fencing Academy / Globus Fencing Academy)

7th: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham (Corsair Fencing Club)

8th: Kathryn Pierrynowski (Research Triangle Fencing)


Veteran Men’s Saber

Gold Medalist: Walbert Mendoza (The Fencing Center)

Silver: Jeffrey Kallio (Forge Fencing Teams)

Bronze: Kim Phillips (PDX Fencing)

Bronze: Jonathan Seidel (Manchen Academy Of Fencing)

5th: Michael Bacon (Manhattan Fencing Center)

6th: Joachim Creten (Oregon Fencing Alliance)

7th: Richard Herrera (PDX Fencing)

8th: Joshua Runyan (Spartak)


Veteran Men’s Foil

Gold Medalist: Marek Wyszynski (Fencers Club Inc.)

Silver: Dong-Ying Pai (Twin Cities Fencing Club)

Bronze: John Kissingford (Denver Fencing Center)

Bronze: Leo Popokh (Fencing Institute Of Texas)

5th: Rolando Balboa (Brooklyn Fencing Center)

6th: Philippe Bennett (Fencers Club Inc.)

7th: Roustam Pimoutkine (Fencers Club Inc.)

8th: Scott Cunningham (Halberstadt Fencers' Club)

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